Social Security and Pension

Learn how retirement and other forms of social security are handled, including payroll deductions, employer obligations and government assistance laws.

Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

The National Institute of Social Security (Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social or INSS) (Spanish, English, five other languages) governs the country’s social security system. The system extends coverage to all residents and their families. It includes a basic level of welfare even for residents who have not made social security contributions, including free medical care and prescriptions. The autonomous regions govern the public health care system, as well as the non-contributory disability and old-age pensions. The benefits and coverage granted by Spain’s social security system include:  

  • Medical care

  • Unemployment benefits

  • Maternity and paternity allowances

  • Work injury benefits

  • Temporary disability benefits

  • Benefits for minors suffering from serious diseases

  • Bereavement benefits

  • Benefits for the needy

  • Retirement pensions

  • Disability pensions

  • Widows’ pensions

  • Orphans’ pensions

  • Minimum Vital Income


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