The Interview

Learn what to expect in an interview in your target country, such as possible questions, appropriate and inappropriate comments, how to best present yourself and other details. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:  

Depending on the position level and characteristics, the company might schedule more than one interview. The first interview meeting, for instance, may be a group interview in which exercises and group games are conducted to observe team-building or relationship, technical or language skills. The final interviews are generally the traditional one-on-one interviews, initially with the HR department and eventually with the higher-ranking person in charge of supervising the position.
For candidates applying from a distant city, Spanish companies are increasingly willing nowadays to conduct a first-contact interview via Skype, WhatsApp video or similar video phone-call systems, although a direct meeting in person is generally preferred.
Spaniards tend to be very conversational, and there is always casual discussion before entering into business. Personal relationships are very important, both socially and in business. If you know someone well who has a good reputation within the company, it is acceptable to mention their name and refer to how well your friend thinks of the organization. This can help demonstrate proximity and shared commitment towards joining the firm. If you do not know anyone in the organization, refer to any recent positive news that you might have read about the company in your pre-interview research to demonstrate your interest.

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