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Online and IRL (In Real Life)

Online communities help newcomers settle into a new city by connecting you with people who have similar interests or who are fellow foreign visitors. The following tools then provide IRL (“in real life”) connections and events that allow you to meet face to face. Many meetings and events are organized around professions and work interests, as well as social connections that can be used to make professional contacts.

AmigosMadrid (Spanish)
This site is part of a larger social platform that was initially created to facilitate new friendships and dating matches. However, this Madrid-specific free social network has grown into a varied and dynamic space where registered users connect around many other interests, such as sports and hobbies. By clicking on Grupos (groups), you will find a wide list of categories to connect with others, including foreign languages and nationalities. While many use this free platform for genuine connections, stay safe and be aware of possible scammers. This site also offers a blog (Spanish) with tips on leisure activities in the capital.

Social Networking

There are 19 million social network users in Spain and about 85% of internet users between 16 and 65 years old are active on social media. Facebook is the most used, followed by Twitter. Instagram is a rising star and Pinterest is also becoming more and more popular in Spain. Facebook is used by the wider range of generational groups, while Instagram is becoming particularly popular for those between 18 and 39.

It is important to remember that your profile is visible to everyone and will give viewers an impression of who you are. Jobs have been won or lost based on whether posts and profiles are professional (or not!). In rare cases, people have been arrested for posting pro-Nazi speech on Twitter. Spain also takes comments about terrorism very seriously.

iOS, Android, Windows
Founded in 2003, LinkedIn boasts more than 546 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company. There are more than 8 million monthly users in Spain. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn specifically focuses on professional business relationships. It allows you to connect with professionals or to gather information about companies. Your profile should be used like an online resumé to showcase your skills and experience. People on LinkedIn can request and give endorsements and recommendations for specific skills. The job search engine combines your profile information with job opportunities in a chosen location, professional category or work area. Recruitment agencies and HR departments often use this platform to find suitable professionals. LinkedIn Jobsearch is its mobile app (available for Android and iOS). LinkedIn’s discussion groups offer advice regarding job opportunities in Spain and allow you to connect with professionals from Spain or gather information on companies. Recruitment agencies in Spain are searching for candidates through professional networks, such as LinkedIn, with increasing frequency.

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