Cover Letter Guidelines

Learn how to write cover letters for positions in your target country, including the level of formality, when letters should be sent and what should be included.

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It is common in Spain to include a cover letter when submitting a resumé/CV. Typically, cover letters are written using the most common word processing software so every recruiter will be able to open it upon receipt. Nevertheless, due to the diversity of word processing formats and software editions, it is better to send the cover letter as a PDF file to guarantee that every user will be able to open your file.

The length of cover letters may vary with the job offer’s level of specificity and required experience. However, it is best if your cover letter does not exceed one page in length.

Include formal greetings to show respect and professionalism. If you know the name of the person in charge to whom you can address your letter, make sure to include it in your formal opening. This will increase your chances of having your candidacy considered with attention. When you know the full name of the recruiter or hiring managers, you can start with Estimado/a Sr./Sra. (or Dr./Dra.) LAST NAME(S). If you do not know who to address it to, you can use the following openings: A Quien Corresponda (To Whom It May Concern) or Estimado señor o señora (Dear Sir or Madam). To close, you can use polite terms such as Muy atentamente (kind regards/yours sincerely) or Saludos cordiales (kind regards).

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