Pre-Interview Preparation

Learn how to prepare for an interview in your target country, including company research, networking for contacts, and what materials to bring. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:  

After applying for a position, if you’ve been selected for an interview you should receive an email or telephone call directly from the company’s HR department.
This first telephone call is generally an opportunity for the company to verify your identity and your general description, so always be ready to answer basic questions about yourself, your work experience and your availability in this quick phone conversation, typically lasting no longer than ten minutes.

The best way to prepare for a job interview is to research the company’s website, its social networks and any relevant reference material, such as books, catalogs, recently published news or corporate videos. Spanish recruiters are impressed with applicants who have knowledge about the company’s chief executives, products and services, competitors and clients.

Do a few mock interviews with friends before attending the real interview. This will help with interview day nerves and allow you to test your answers to likely questions, as well as your comportment and speech. Recording your mock interviews can also be a useful way of looking at your presentation style and speaking habits, allowing you time to adjust what doesn’t work before the interview...

Spanish men and women are well-groomed. Style and fashion are important, and you may be judged by your appearance. Take care with personal hygiene and make sure clothing is clean and pressed the night before the interview.

Although it might vary from sector to sector and it is not always likely for interviewers to ask for supporting documents or references, it is recommended to be prepared and take the following materials with you to the job interview:

  • An official photo ID. Do not forget to take a valid form of ID with your picture on it: your National Identification Card or DNI in Spain, your passport or driving license, for example. It is unlikely that an interviewer or recruiter will ask for it, but it would be very inappropriate not to be able to prove your identity at a professional interview....


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