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Just before the pandemic, the Spanish financial and accounting sector was stable, offering constant new professional opportunities, particularly to analytical profiles, financial controllers and administration managers, as well as key account managers, insurance operations professionals and commercial directors. However, the crisis has paralyzed most industries and business activity has registered an unprecedented fall. In this context, employment has started decreasing again in this sector and it is expected to continue registering negative annual variations in the future. Many employees have been able to maintain their jobs with smart-working or teleworking modalities. 

Employment Outlook

Prior to COVID-19, the Spanish banking sector had already started reducing staffing levels as part of the solvency changes imposed by the last financial crisis, as well as the transition of most financial activities to digital services. As the country is currently in recession and some leading banks are planning to merge in the coming months, employment opportunities in this industry will be very weak in the near future.

  • The sector plans to close over 8,000 bank branches throughout the country this year.

  • Experts predict that more than 15,000 jobs will be lost in the Spanish banking sector in the coming 12 months.

In the short term, job opportunities in the Spanish finance and business services are expected to decrease by 4%, according to Manpower.

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