Careers in Non-Profits

Learn about the local job market in the NGO and Non-profit sector in your target country and get tips for locating jobs.

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Careers in NGOs and the non-profit sector can be richly rewarding experiences, allowing employees to contribute their skills to deserving causes and communities where such assistance is highly valuable. Many employees of NGOs and non-profit organizations find their work to be personally fulfilling and spend their entire careers in the non-profit sector.

Not only did Spain's non-profit sector not fully recover from the financial crisis of 2008 to 2014, the COVID-19 crisis also dramatically affected the economy. Because of this, 52% of NGOs expect to reduce their staff in the near future. This figure is twice what the sector registered during the recession. In this context, finding a job in the non-profit sector remains quite difficult and very competitive.

Around 550,000 professionals work in the non-profit sector, which is about 3% of the country’s workers. However, these numbers have been fluctuating significantly in recent years, and many organizations run their activities predominantly with volunteers, temporary contracts or part-time positions.

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