Get a detailed overview of the local engineering sector, including hiring trends and areas of job promise. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

Employment Outlook

While the pandemic has paralyzed many projects and reduced the activity of some companies, demand for engineering professionals continues to fluctuate in the most innovative sectors, particularly manufacturing, food production, pharmaceutical production and health care devices.

The construction industry, as well as the automotive sector, are in recession not only in Spain but also in Europe and the world. In the past few months, new job openings in automobile production have decreased by half, while demand for employees in the construction sector has fallen by around 65%.

As the pandemic has generated fast changes in consumption habits and e-commerce activities, the logistics sector is expected to continue growing and keep employing experts in the coming year, according to Randstad. In comparison to one year ago, new employment contracts in this industry have increased by 26%, particularly in Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia.

Areas of Job Promise

These are the most demanded and the best paid engineering profiles in the coming year, according to Adecco:

  • Logistics directors

  • Process engineers

  • Technical directors

  • Telecommunications infrastructure managers

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