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In recent years, the Spanish economy was showing the first solid signs of recovery from the great recession. The pandemic caused an abrupt disruption not only in the country’s economic performance, but also in its labor market. The national GDP registered an annual contraction of over 11.5% last year and employment levels continue to register some of the worst drops in Europe. More than 46,000 migrant workers lost their positions in the first months of the pandemic and the national unemployment rate will fluctuate between 16.2% and 17.8% in the coming two years.

While the gradual distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has brought some hope in the recovery process, experts say the Spanish economy will not start improving until the third term of this year. In this context, new employment opportunities will remain generally limited in the coming 12 months. Only one-third of the jobs lost last year will re-emerge in the next two semesters.

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