Office Protocol

Learn about business etiquette, such as proper office conduct, the level of formality, punctuality, business attire, use of titles and other important topics. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:  

COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

Like in other parts of the world, most Spanish offices have been closed or have imposed strict social distancing measures. Most organizations have asked their employees to work remotely from home when possible, while other offices might have restricted the number of staff in one room. Public administration offices have been requiring online appointments before you can enter an official indoor facility, while some non-essential services and activities have been canceled in order to avoid social gatherings.

The use of face masks has been compulsory throughout the whole country, and social distancing has been recommended for many months. These measures have temporarily changed the office habits of many Spaniards. Our descriptions and guidelines might still reflect some of the usual protocols that Spaniards shared when there were no public health restrictions. The Spanish Ministry of Health (Spanish, English, French, Catalan, many other languages) has information on the pandemic and preventive measures...

Different business cultures

Spain has three types of business cultures:

  1. The first is characterized by modern industries that receive lots of foreign investment and embrace innovative management techniques.

  2. The second is typified by traditional small family businesses, which make up the majority of the GDP (gross domestic product).

  3. Finally, there are the major banks, which inhabit a middle ground between the other two cultures.

The work environment is becoming more informal, but be aware of differences between international and local companies, which are typically family businesses. Expect more formality at multinationals...

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