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Prior to the pandemic, the Spanish labor market was already characterized by high unemployment and a tendency to melt down during global crises since its shift to democracy. Even during good periods, unemployment has never been lower than 7.9%.

As the country has suffered one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in Europe and the national central government has been imposing severe lockdown periods, Spain’s employment market is one of the most damaged, both in Europe and among the OECD states (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). In this difficult context, the number of unemployed people has grown and only some professional areas continue offering jobs in the near future.

Many Spanish employees have been able to maintain their jobs thanks to smart-working or teleworking modalities. Remote working is expected to continue growing and the Spanish government has recently passed new labor laws to facilitate the change and ensure workers’ rights.

While the economic panorama does not look promising in the short and middle term, the national government and the EU have recently agreed to channel new funding to the recovery of the country’s employment markets. The central government has supported many temporary employment adjustment schemes (known as ‘ERTEs’ or Expedientes de Regulación Temporal de Empleo) to cover around 70% of employee salaries. Other measures have been implemented to stimulate vulnerable sectors as well as vulnerable social groups, and new ERTEs have been recently extended.

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