Development Agency Applications

Learn how to apply to major global agencies, such as the World Bank and European Union, and see examples of application forms.

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Many development organizations [e.g., the World Bank (WB), the European Union (EU) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have specific formats for submission of a CV. These can often be found on the organization’s website.  

While many development professionals have a long basic CV, it is usually necessary to select the information most relevant for the position as there is often a maximum acceptable length, generally three or four pages. It is critical to submit the CV in the correct format and of the correct length. For example, USAID provides clear directions stating which types of candidates require full CVs (usually for key personnel) and which require only a profile of a few paragraphs, about half a page total. The profile must be carefully written to convey as much essential information with the fewest words.

This is just a brief sample of the information and application samples in the GoinGlobal Spain Career Guide, which is carefully researched and regularly updated by local career experts.

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