Areas of Job Promise

Find out the skills in demand in in your target geography. Companies that are hiring or downsizing are highlighted, along with government efforts to expand certain sectors.

Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

As well as health care professionals, the Spanish labor market also continues to look for highly specialized IT roles, sales profiles and customer care experts. This list shows the most common areas that present open job offers today in the national employment market, according to local career experts of Welcome to the Jungle:

  • Health care

  • Customer service

  • Home delivery and home-care services

  • Data analysis

  • Cybersecurity


Talent Shortages

While the public health crisis eliminated thousands of jobs, mainly in the nation’s large hospitality and tourism sectors, these are the most demanded qualifications, according to the latest survey by Infoempleo Adecco.

Most demanded vocational training degrees (higher education specializations):

  • Administration and management

  • Electricity and electronics

  • Mechanical manufacturing

  • Installation and maintenance

  • Computing and communications

This is just a brief sample of the extensive information in the GoinGlobal Spain Career Guide, which is carefully researched and regularly updated by career experts.

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