About Non-Profits and NGOs

This section describes non-profits and non-governmental organizations, what they do and what types of jobs or volunteer opportunities may exist for foreign workers.

Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

Spain has around 30,000 non-profits, associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), according to the Lealtad Foundation. Most of these organizations focus on social issues, social inclusion and health care, and they count over 1 million volunteers. Most of the active members are women, and many are young and well-educated workers.

Other defining characteristics of the non-profit sector (also known as tercer sector or third sector):

  • More than half of the country’s non-profits (56.5%) have been founded in the last two decades.

  • The majority of these organizations (64%) have been created by local citizen initiatives, so they have a strong civic and social approach.

  • Over 70% of non-profits perform their work at the local, provincial and regional (within the autonomous regions) levels; only 18% do it at the national level.

  • Over 40% of these organizations’ funds come from regional administrations (autonomous regional governments), while 26% comes from private sources and 32% from internal organizational activity.

Almost all of Spain’s cities have non-profit organizations (also known as OSAL or Organizaciones Sin Ánimos de Lucro) and NGOs, although the largest organizations with international representation and foreign activities are usually based in the main cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville and Valencia.

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