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Finding a job here can seem like an insurmountable task, particularly when you consider the drastic changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in the national job market. Most job information is published online today and networking (both in-person and online) remains a central step in finding employment in the country.

As the pandemic accelerated the importance of digital spaces and remote jobs, only a limited number of positions are still published by traditional means such as newspapers, local institutions’ billboards, agencies or temporary firms. In fact, the number of employment offers announced in these ways is decreasing significantly throughout the country.

The following sources may be used to find a job in Spain: 

Chambers of commerce
• Company directories
Employment publications
Internet (specialized websites, portals, social networks
   and mobile technology apps)
Job agencies
Job fairs and career events
• Local and national daily press
• Personal contacts
• Seminars
• Specialized press
• Telephone directories
Temporary search firms
• University-enterprise foundations

While most formal sources are particularly useful when looking for a position in a big city or with international companies and public organizations, personal contacts can often be the most effective route to employment in Spain. Especially in small and medium-sized local companies, Spanish employers tend to use informal methods of recruitment such as word-of-mouth, direct networking and speculative applications.

A recent survey by the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) confirmed, in fact, that direct personal connections are the number one method for youth (between 16 and 34) who are looking for their first job in the country. While 41.6% of young jobseekers find employment via family, friends and personal connections, 21.7% achieve it via contacting employers directly. Only 9.9% obtain a position by answering a job offer found on the media (including traditional and new media or internet-based platforms).

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