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Get a detailed overview of the local information technology sector, including hiring trends and areas of job promise.

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Employment Outlook

ICT activities are among the drivers of employment growth in the country today. Not only they are in demand because of new consumption habits and business models, but also because they are among the occupations that allow remote working or telecommuting contracts. Experts at Randstad have recently confirmed that some ICT activities will generate significant employment growth in the coming months and years, especially in the area of new technologies. The development of tools and solutions adapted to the current situation, such as teleworking or entertainment consumption from home, will grow exponentially and require new talent in many Spain-based firms.

In this context, employers are increasingly demanding profiles with knowledge in big data, data analysis, artificial intelligence or machine learning, e-commerce or digital transformation.

Areas of Job Promise

The following profiles and occupations are among the most sought-after in the country’s ICT employment sector, particularly among large and consolidated organizations that are quickly adapting their business models to the digital economy, according to LinkedIn, Selligent and Adecco:

  • AI specialists

  • Chief digital officers

  • Cloud consultants and engineers

  • Customer success managers

  • Cybersecurity specialists

  • Data scientists

  • Data engineers

  • Full stack developers

  • Help desk experts

  • Python developers

  • Robotics engineers

  • Salesforce developers

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure managers

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