H1B Plus

Help International Talent Find Opportunities State-Side

Our powerful "H1B Plus" visa search engine, developed by GoinGlobal, quickly identifies U.S. employers that have submitted H1B visa applications to employ international talent. Directly sourced from the U.S. Department of Labor records, our expanded H1B database now includes more than five million records from 2009 to date. 

This search engine can be used to identify American employers who have a pattern of seeking to hire international professionals with specific skills, and allows users to identify historical positions, job locations, and salary ranges based on company name, industry, and job title. Users can then apply their findings to search for similar opportunities in GoinGlobal’s job database. 

OPT Toolkit

Help International Students Gain Work Experience with U.S. Employers

Each year, more than a million international students study in the US under the F-1 visa program. Our Optional Practical Training (OPT) toolkit offers guidelines and support for navigating the process of finding OPT jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

In addition to finding eligibility guidelines, types of employment, and solutions to application challenges, students can browse more than 500 top US Employers with an established track record of hiring F1 students with OPT authorization.