RW3 CultureWizard

Resources for Cross-Cultural Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion

CultureWizard by RW3The GoinGlobal collection now includes access to the CultureWizard learning platform, an extensive array of interactive assessment tools to help learners become more effective communicators across cultures - compliments of GoinGlobal through a partnership with RW3 CultureWizard.

CultureWizard, created by RW3 LLC in 2001, is an online and mobile platform designed for understanding and leveraging cultural differences for personal and professional success. 

With a comprehensive library of videos and webinars, articles on global business skills, quizzes, and self-assessments, CultureWizard is an effective interactive tool to help people from all different cultures and countries work together, whether remotely or in person.

With CultureWizard by RW3 LLC you can:

  • Graphically compare your culture profile to 160+ other cultures.

  • Prepare for study abroad, international internships or a global career by learning how to adapt your style according to culturally-acceptable norms.

  • Increase team effectiveness – manage, lead and communicate more successfully with people from different cultures and countries.

CultureWizard’s intercultural digital learning programs help students and professionals gain a global mindset and build the skills necessary to work with people from anywhere in the world.

Attend a GoinGlobal demo and we will include an introduction to the impressive learning solutions available on CultureWizard by RW3 LLC.