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The services sector traditionally represents over 74% of the national GDP and three-fourths of the active working population. Most of these workers are in the commerce, transport and tourism subsectors, followed by public health care services and education.

Much like other European nations, SMEs represent nearly most businesses. Over 82% of Spanish companies have 1 or 2 employees. There are fewer high technology and knowledge-intensive SMEs than other EU countries. Typically, SMEs specialize in food and beverage manufacturing, textile and clothing manufacturing, tourism services, travel, and accommodation and food services. These small organizations have been significantly impacted by the pandemic and have left many professionals unemployed.

Tourism and retail are among the industries that have reduced their business activity the most. While experts foresee that it will take longer for tourism to return to its pre-pandemic dynamism, the public health crisis has made many retail businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

Employment Outlook

In the short term, new job openings in the business service and retail sectors remain very limited (around -4%), according to surveys by Manpower. Analysts confirm that, despite the governmental support and stimulus measures to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, many traditional shops and stores will not survive the significant economic recession in the country. The most affected positions are retail managers, salespeople, store managers and commercial directors.

However, digital business activities have been growing faster than ever before, generating an increased number of opportunities for professionals with expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, business development and sales, among others.

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