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Find useful travel and job search apps.  Locate other resources such as books, special reports and training events to help you make professional inroads in your target country.

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Mobile and Online Apps

There has been an explosion of mobile and online tools for a variety of activities that are useful when doing a job search or considering a move to another country. Not all apps are created equal and not all have international reach. Below are some we think are particularly useful for travelers and job seekers. When evaluating apps, be sure to thoroughly read reviews and evaluate costs. Always be cautious about sharing personal information.

Job Search Apps

In addition to the resources below, be sure to review our section on Job Search Resources for many local job boards, most of which offer mobile apps. Don’t miss the Telework and Freelance section if you are interested in flexible or contract work.

This is a contact manager designed specifically to manage your job search. The free version of JibberJobber allows you to track up to 25 contacts. Beyond this, there is a modest annual subscription price. The app provides an easy way to set tasks and reminders, as well as track target companies and jobs you’ve applied to. 

Android ​

Other Useful Apps

Language Learning and Translation

Want to learn the native language of your host country? This free app is a fun way to do it. Duolingo breaks down learning a foreign language into easily digestible, five to ten minute lessons, with a large emphasis on reinforcing vocabulary and grammar over time.

Android ​

Other Resources

Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE)
National Institute of Statistics (Spanish, English)
The INE is the autonomous public organization in charge of coordinating ongoing statistical services for the national administration. It is also responsible for promoting, monitoring, controlling and supervising all related technical procedures for statistics in Spain. The website provides access to all current and past results, which are presented under thematic categories such as agriculture, science and technology, demography and population, economy, environment, job market, and many other national and international areas.
Tel: +34 91 583 91 00
Fax: +34 91 583 91 58
Email: online form

These are just a few of the over 500 resources in the GoinGlobal Spain Career Guide, which is carefully researched and regularly updated by local career experts.

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