Internships and Volunteering

This section discusses the general benefits of volunteer work and internships and describes local opportunities.

Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

An increasing number of philanthropically-inclined individuals are opting to volunteer and seek internships rather than immediately enter the workforce. These opportunities allow individuals to develop their professional network and meet people with similar interests, inclinations and values.

Volunteer opportunities in Spain are numerous and include the following areas:

  • Archeology: Archeological restoration opportunities, such as restoring medieval castles and old city monuments.

  • Arts and Culture: Several cultural organizations, such as district cultural centers, music foundations, film festivals’ teams or arts associations, often look for volunteers to run specific projects or ongoing activities. Supporting the cultural sector includes a wide range of tasks, from being a graphic designer to an operations assistant, and it often provides a great opportunity to network with local agents and professionals.

  • Education: English teachers and au pairs are highly valued. Educational and youth volunteer opportunities include assisting youth with homework to prevent them from dropping out of school. Youth support volunteers are especially welcome in poorer areas and in rural Spain.

  • Environment: Environmental and marine conservation is a growing sector, as tourism causes great damage to the beaches. Other volunteer opportunities include working on a sustainable ecological farm, assisting dolphin and whale research projects, or monitoring coastal fauna.

This is just a brief sample of the extensive information in the GoinGlobal Spain Career Guide, which is carefully researched and regularly updated by local career experts.

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