USA Careers

Catching the Attention of US-Focused Jobseekers

Your institution may have dozens if not hundreds of career resources. If a user is scrolling through your databases looking for opportunities in the United States, they may pass by a career resource called GoinGlobal, especially if they are based in the US and interested in staying. That is why, as part of your subscription, we provide two unique URLs for accessing our resources: one for the GoinGlobal database, and a second to our USA Careers database.

Doubling Your Reach

The USA Careers database is essentially a mirror site to the GoinGlobal database. Both platforms will feature all of the worldwide resources included in your subscription. The only difference is USA Careers is named and branded to appeal to your constituents primarily interested in opportunities in the USA who may, inadvertently, pass by your GoinGlobal listing. Using both access links is optional and can significantly expand the reach to your constituents and boost engagement.

If your organization is based in the United States, or your jobseekers have a particular interest in career resources in the United States, we encourage you to list both databases separately on your website, intranet, library resources and CSM at no extra charge.  We provide everything you need to do so.

two platforms

Highlighting the US Country and City Career Guides

Using USA Careers in tandem with GoinGlobal is ideal for all kinds of jobseekers, including college grads, career changers, relocating partners, and anyone exploring new work opportunities within the United States.

Our USA City Career Guides collection includes up-to-date career and employment resources for 47 of the largest metropolitan areas across America and provides both new and experienced job seekers with a comprehensive toolkit for fast tracking their career search.

The United States is included in our Country Career Guides collection, which embraces a total of 42 countries featuring 70+ pages of localized career expertise from our employment experts.