Careers in Non-Profits

Learn about the local job market in the NGO and Non-profit sector in your target country and get tips for locating jobs.

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Careers in NGOs and the non-profit sector can be richly rewarding experiences, allowing employees to contribute their skills to deserving causes and communities where such assistance is highly valuable. Many employees of NGOs and non-profit organizations find their work to be personally fulfilling and spend their entire careers in the non-profit sector.

At present, jobs within NGDOs (Non-Governmental Development Organizations, known as ONGD in Spanish) are still below pre-recession levels. There are approximately 1,500 professional fewer contracts than there were in 2008 in this sector, according to the latest report by the Coordinating Agency for Development NGOs. However, despite this decline, Spanish NGDOs promoted more than 3,600 projects last year in 105 different countries, mainly in Latin America and Africa. Among other areas of intervention, the majority of these projects were focused on gender equality and human rights, followed by education and health care.

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