Telework and Freelance 

Learn about job opportunities that provide the potential to work remotely or freelance, and find links to the key websites.

Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

‘Telework,’ ‘telecommuting,’ ‘remote work,’ ‘virtual work’ and ‘work from home’ are all terms used to refer to work done outside of the traditional on-site work location. The following websites all connect employers with professionals looking for telework projects or positions. They are global platforms for online employment, where businesses hire independent freelance professionals to complete specific projects. Freelance professionals create online profiles and portfolios, submit proposals for jobs that interest them, and manage both work and payment through the site.

Freelancers from 30 different countries with a wide range of talents, from graphic designers to content writers, digital marketers, web developers and video designers, can list their product (what they do, how much it costs and the anticipated turnaround time). Companies can contract with them through a ‘buy’ button.

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