Cover Letter Guidelines

Learn how to write cover letters for positions in your target country, including the level of formality, when letters should be sent and what should be included.

Below is a brief excerpt from this section:  

It is common in Spain to include a cover letter when submitting a resumé/CV, but handwritten letters are no longer acceptable. Typically, cover letters are written using the most common word processing software so every recruiter will be able to open it upon receipt. Nevertheless, due to the diversity of word processing formats and software editions, it is better to send the cover letter as a PDF file to guarantee that every user will be able to open your file.

The length of cover letters may vary with the job offer’s level of specificity and required experience. However, it is best if your cover letter does not exceed one page in length.

This is just a brief sample of the extensive information in the GoinGlobal Spain Career Guide, which is carefully researched and regularly updated by local career experts.

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