Learn the costs of renting or buying homes in various parts of Spain, procedures and legal requirements, and typical utility costs. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:  

Most Spaniards live in small apartments with roommates or family members, and rely on public spaces, such as cafés and tapas bars, for socializing and entertainment. Rent takes up a large portion of their income. According to the OECD, households in Spain spend 23% of their net disposable income on housing, higher than the OECD member average of 21%.

The cost of renting a house or an apartment varies significantly depending on the region or town. These are the places with the highest and lowest average monthly rental prices:

  • Ibiza (525 EUR), Madrid (380 EUR), San Sebastian (372 EUR), Barcelona (366 EUR) and Bilbao (325 EUR) register the highest average rental prices in the country.

  • Ferrol (138 EUR), Ourense (160 EUR), Zamora (180 EUR), Lugo (181 EUR) and Caceres (201 EUR) offer the cheapest rents.

  • Malaga and Seville have registered the biggest increase in their average rental prices in the last six months. 

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