Accounting and Finance

Get a detailed overview of the local accounting and finance sector, including hiring trends and areas of job promise. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

Employment Outlook

As the economy has been recovering and the confidence in the Spanish market has been growing positively again, more companies are demanding accounting and finance professionals who can improve their business development. At the same time, both the recession and the explosion of certain national scandals over business solvency and transparency have made several companies become more aware of better risk management policies, as well as internal auditing and control. All these factors have allowed the financial and accounting sectors to be on a positive trend again, creating more job opportunities.

Areas of Job Promise

Banking sector reforms have created areas of opportunity for qualified professionals, particularly for financial directors, controllers, risk specialists and auditors. Investment bankers are increasingly in demand, as well as experts in cost-cutting, business controlling, finance and process improvement.

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