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After the difficult years of the economic crises that destabilized the country’s financial services and banking sector, these areas have been registering improvements, thanks to the reactivation of commerce and new credit lines available to individuals and SMEs, as well as the arrival of more foreign investments. While there is a growing demand of finance professionals in most companies and cities, Madrid and Barcelona have been gathering the largest number of opportunities in this sector.  

Employment Outlook

The banking sector continues to be in a transitional period, as traditional banks are focusing on changing their business formats, looking at improving their digital and personalized client services. While interest rate margins remain low and newer financial regulations are changing the market, particularly in the real estate business, banks are defining new strategies of development and they are looking for some newer professionals.

At the same time, more companies are demanding accounting and finance professionals who can improve their business development. The recent political instabilities (both at the national level and in Catalonia) have generated a relative slow-down of some public and foreign investments, however. Despite this, employment is still considered to be on a growth trend, even as opportunities depend on the evolution of the political scenario.   

Areas of Job Promise

The European Union has recently reported that Spanish employers are looking for talent who can support the internalization of Spanish businesses. Financial analysts are among the most demanded roles, particularly those who are familiar with foreign markets in the areas of tax, legal and economic issues.

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