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GoinGlobal’s expert career researchers regularly update Employment and Industry Trends with detailed descriptions of the current economic and employment situation. This starts with a general overview and summary.

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The economy is recovering and growth is expected to continue above the EU average.  While the economy will remain robust over the next 12 months, growth will continue at a moderate pace, according to the most recent information by the European Commission and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).  Though public debt remains high (98.1% of last year’s GDP), the government's efforts to keep implementing labor, pension, health care, tax and educational reforms have maintained private consumption and investments are on the rise.   

The continuing job expansion and the recent governmental increase of the minimum wage will bring more positive opportunities in the near future.  Unemployment continues to fall and the European Commission predicts that it should reach 13.4% by 2020, the lowest rate since 2008.  After several years of very little (or almost inexistent) changes in the legal minimum wage, the government has recently raised it by more than 22%, the largest annual increase in more than 40 years.

Although the labor market has been improving in recent years, the unemployment rate (currently at 14.5% ) still remains the second highest in the EU and continues to be above the EU average.  Such unemployment levels have also caused poverty and income inequality to reach among the highest numbers in the EU.   

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