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Spain’s economic recovery is currently strengthening and growth is above the EU average. It is projected to grow at a moderate pace, according to the most recent information by OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). While public debt remains high (above 101% of last year’s GDP), the government's efforts to implement labor, pension, health care, tax and education reforms have promoted investors’ interest and increased the flow of foreign direct investment.

Within this context, Spain’s labor market conditions have improved significantly in the last year, but its unemployment remains among the highest in the EU and one of the country’s biggest challenges. The recent decision of the UK to leave the EU, known as Brexit, is one of the factors that may affect Spain’s economic progress. From 2.6%, Spain’s economic growth for next year has been re-evaluated to the level of 2.1% due to Brexit, according to recent reports by the IFM (International Monetary Fund).

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