Get a detailed overview of the local engineering sector, including hiring trends and areas of job promise. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

Employment Outlook

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the engineering sector offered a growing number of job opportunities in most regions of the country. The demand for engineers increased by almost 20% last year, and this trend was expected to continue throughout this year.

Even if the pandemic has paralyzed the construction sector for the short term, many domestic construction projects remain ongoing, maintaining Spain’s construction market as one of the most active in the eurozone. Building construction, particularly for residential purposes, dominates this industry.

Skills in Demand

Employers usually seek candidates with language skills in English and German. At the same time, companies seek versatile engineers who can adapt to different projects and roles, and are willing to relocate for specific periods of time.  

As the COVID-19 outbreak affects the ways engineering professionals have to work, particularly in on-site developments, companies will continue to value professionals with the ability to manage teams and take on additional responsibilities as needed.

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