Office Protocol

Learn about business etiquette, such as proper office conduct, the level of formality, punctuality, business attire, use of titles and other important topics. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:  

Spaniards can be animated and gregarious. They are immediately friendly with new acquaintances but build relationships based on long-term loyalty and trust. Personal relationships are very important, both socially and in business, as this helps to establish trust. For business (or any other) matters, quality of character is more important than business experience. Spaniards tend to be very conversational and there is always casual discussion before entering into business. Those who have a sense of humor and an ability to entertain will have much more success in Spanish business dealings than those who do not.

Shaking hands is typical when meeting someone in business or social circumstances. The gesture must be firm. When formally introduced it is usual to say buenos días (good day) or buenas tardes (good evening) and add a compliment such as encantado/a (I am delighted).

Kissing cheeks is a very common thing to do in Spain, but it is mostly reserved for already established contacts. Men usually don't kiss cheeks unless they have a very close relationship.

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