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Get a detailed overview of the local business and marketing sector, including hiring trends and areas of job promise. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:


Much like other European nations, SMEs represent nearly all businesses – 99%. The overwhelming majority are microenterprises (employing ten or fewer workers). Spanish microenterprises employ more workers and add more value to the business economy than the EU average. The country has fewer high technology and knowledge-intensive SMEs than other EU countries. Its SMEs specialize in food and beverage manufacturing, textile and clothing manufacturing, travel agencies, and accommodation and food services.  

As the Spanish economy keeps growing, this sector is one of the professional areas to offer the higher number of newer job opportunities, particularly in the retail, online and client support subsectors. Call centers are a solid business space in today’s market, as many national and foreign companies are locating their client support and tele-business development operations in Spain.

Employment Outlook

Consistent economic growth favors strong investment and the development of new business initiatives. This has generated an increasing demand for marketing and sales strategy experts, particularly those who can open and consolidate new market opportunities both internally and in foreign markets.

Hiring opportunities for these specialists grew around 20% last year, according to the latest report by Hays Spain . In the coming year, opportunities will keep increasing, not only among those professionals who can lead new market accounts, but also among those with experience in strengthening the relationship and fidelity between clients and brands.

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