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Spain continues to be among the top ten countries where employers report the least difficulty filling new positions. Talent shortages are below the global average, with only 24% of Spanish employers struggling to hire qualified staff. This is indicative of the limited job opportunities for highly skilled professionals and the abundance of highly trained and experienced workers from almost all sectors of the job market. Current generations of highly specialized Spanish young professionals are looking abroad for better opportunities.  Comparing Spain with other countries, 89% of employers in Japan, 76% in Hong Kong, 49% in Israel and 45% in the US are having difficulty filling open positions.

These are the top ten jobs Spanish employers are having a hard time filling:  

  1. Skilled trades (electricians, welders and mechanics)
  2. Technicians (quality controllers and technical staff)
  3. Professionals (project managers, researchers and lawyers)
  4. Drivers (truck, delivery, construction and mass transit)
  5. IT experts (cyber security, network, administrators and technical support)
  6. Accounting and finance (certified accountants, auditors and financial analysts)
  7. Sales representatives (B2B, B2C and contact center professionals)
  8. Engineers (chemical, electrical, civil, mechanical)
  9. Manufacturing (production and machine operators)
  10. Management and executive roles


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