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Spain’s labor market is showing constant signs of improvement. The unemployment rate recently dropped from nearly 21% to 18.9%, and experts believe that it will drop to around 18% by the end of next year. However, these numbers are still much higher than pre-crisis unemployment rates and unemployment remains Spaniards’ number one concern.

Employment levels are seasonal due to the tourism-driven economy. Between the months of June and September, employment agencies calculated that Spain generated more than 1.1 million new contracts. This is particularly important in the services sector, as employers in the tourism, entertainment, food and retail industries hire temporary workers such as cooks, waiters, lifeguards, leisure supervisors, phone operators, shop assistants, cleaning personnel, airport personnel and drivers, among other roles. Employers seek candidates with strong customer service and language skills (English, Russian and Mandarin). Major hubs for summer work are Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Madrid and Andalusia.  

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