Learn about communication styles, body language, personal space, greetings and suitable conversation topics, as well as key words and phrases. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:  

Spaniards are very proud of their history and culture, and it is appreciated if a foreign visitor shows interest in these. They also appreciate a good sense of humor, which is often used at the outset of important discussions in order to avoid appearing too serious. Talking politics is also a very Spanish thing to do, and it will often lead to agitated discussions.

Spanish communication is generally indirect. Like the Chinese, Spaniards place great importance on maintaining ‘face,’ that is to say, honor and pride. It is essential that foreign visitors not cause a loss of face. Because of this, a Spaniard may not admit that things are not going well in order to appear in control and competent. Pay careful attention to body language to discern the reality of a situation.

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