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"I recommend GoinGlobal Country Career Guides as the number one place to go for country-specific employment information. Since Mary Anne Thompson, founder of GoinGlobal, was a trailing partner, she understands what career-oriented trailing partners need to know to position themselves for the overseas job market, and she consistently delivers!"
McKinney Search & Recruitment, Seoul, South Korea
"GoinGlobal's Country Career Guides are used by individual Foreign Service spouses as they move from country to country. Their availability online makes them easily accessible to spouses worldwide. What an incredibly valuable resource!"
Department of State, Family Liaison Office
"What separates GoinGlobal from other career related companies is their ability to deliver information that is gathered at its source — from people who are living in the related country and personally experiencing the culture."
Financial Times
"Students live, and will eventually work, in a diverse global society. GoinGlobal provides a powerful resource for students to better understand and communicate with the different cultures of our world."
Florida State University Librarian
"GoinGlobal is one of the most comprehensive sources of information available on the international job market, constantly updated in line with market trends, straightforward to use and flexible. It is an invaluable one-stop shop for students who can get insights into living and working in specific countries."
University of Strathclyde, UK