This section outlines the visa requirements for those doing business in your target country, including visa types, the application process and required documentation. Below is a brief excerpt from this section:

Foreign nationals planning to travel to Spain for business generally require a Schengen Visa, business designation. It is required for business trips, including conferences, trade fairs, meetings and contract negotiations.  Citizens of many countries are exempt from the visa requirement for short stays, including for business purposes. (See Visa Exemptions.)

You may not be remunerated in Spain on a Schengen Visa for business purposes. You should not receive a salary or payment from within the country for any business activities (including performances) and generally must remain on a foreign company’s payroll. If you will be employed during your stay, you must apply instead for a working visa (See Employment).

Visas must be obtained from the embassy or consulate in your country of residence or citizenship prior to traveling. See Application Process for further details.

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