Global Career Update
February 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including applying for jobs in the UK, working in Italy and writing resumes in Kenya. It also explores international flights and travel apps.




Kenya: Resume/CV Guidelines

In Kenya, job applications are written in English unless otherwise specified. Resumes should include contact details, a summary of strengths and experience, educational details and professional experience. All should be listed in reverse-chronological order. Unlike in many countries, resumes may be longer than two pages and should include detailed descriptions of responsibilities and accomplishments. Read more

Norway: Daily Life

Jante Law is one key to understanding Norwegian culture. It promotes humility and involves viewing others as equals. The Norwegians do not flaunt wealth or personal achievements and avoid ostentatious behavior. The natural environment is also an important part of Norwegian culture. One of the most beautiful places in the world, it’s also a harsh land of cold, snow, fjords and isolation. Read more

Employment Outlook: South Korea

South Koreans enjoy an excellent education system and low unemployment, but there are employment issues looming – an aging population, a gender gap and talent shortages – that the country has plans to combat. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc. Read more


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Add These Skills to Your Resume Right Now

When creating a resume, it is important to highlight specific skill sets that others might not have. Doing so helps you stand out from other candidates in a stack of resumes. Be sure to include knowledge of foreign languages, study abroad, travel abroad, media features, leadership skills and public speaking engagements. Read more 

10 Travel Apps for Your Next Trip to Europe

Travel apps can make a traveler’s life much easier. Here are several that can help you on your next trip to Europe. Spotted by Locals offers guides to 55 European cities created by the locals that live there. The Fork helps you select the best restaurants and offers some discounts. Smart Traveler is the US State Department app designed to give US travelers access to alerts and warnings. Wi-Fi Finder and Free Wi-Fi Finder help you find Wi-Fi connections and avoid hefty roaming charges when traveling abroad. Read more 

For the Youth of China and the US, There’s No Better Time to Study Abroad

The world is becoming more and more connected. Studying abroad can encourage more of these connections. It can also increase understanding of other cultures, provide exposure to other viewpoints, improve language learning and help students become more competitive in the workplace. As things stand around the globe, it is important for everyone to encourage others to better understand people abroad as well as fellow citizens. Read more 

Working in the UK: Applying for a UK Job

When you’ve found a job you want to apply for in the UK, it is important to market yourself in a way that matches expectations of British employers. All documents should be succinct, clear and well-structured with no spelling or grammatical errors. Use the job description when putting together your CV or application. CVs should be limited to two sides of A4 paper. Cover letters should be short, formal and to the point. Interviews can be either structured or more like conversations based around your CV or application. Read more 

10 Things to Bring on Every International Flight (And 3 Things Not To)

Several things can help make international flights more pleasant. Good noise cancelling headphones can help diminish noise. USB cables and battery packs can help you stay plugged in while on the go. Keep the address where you will be staying on hand and have a pen to fill out immigration forms. Read more 

International Education in 2017 – Any Room for Optimism?

With Brexit, the US presidential election, leadership changes in several other countries, the refugee challenge and other issues, 2016 proved to be a surprising and challenging year. These issues have had a serious impact on higher education and international education. Given the complex circumstances, it is difficult to see the future, but some would say there is room for optimism Read more 

Italy: New Obligations Take Effect for Foreign Companies Posting Foreign Workers

In Italy, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy recently launched an online portal where employers must submit information regarding foreign workers being sent to Italy as temporary employees. Employers must also use the system to report any changes to a foreign worker’s information. The documentation must be maintained for up to two years after the assignment end date. Read more 

Brazil’s Government Announces New Stimulus Plan

The President of Brazil recently announced a set of ten measures aimed at reversing the country’s worst recession in decades and generating jobs. The measures include creating new credit lines for small businesses, less bureaucracy related to exports and imports and help for individuals and companies in paying their debts. Some critics say the measures do not go far enough. Others say they are an attempt to shift attention from the political turmoil of the current administration. Read more