Global Career Update
December 2016 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in China, doing business in Australia and increasing immigration in Canada. It also explores workplace trends in the coming year and the best global companies to work for.




Employment Outlook: Italy

Slow economic growth, high youth unemployment and impending worker retirement characterize Italy for the foreseeable future. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc. Read more

Australia: Communication Styles

Australia is a multicultural, amicable society, so it is important to be sensitive to different cultures and lifestyles when interacting with locals who may come from a wide range of traditions. Read more

Taiwan: Work Permits and Visas

Traveling to Taiwan (People’s Republic of China) generally requires a visa; both the foreign national’s country of residence and the country of origin determine visa requirements. Read more


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Study Abroad: See the World and Help Your Career

Studying abroad gives students opportunities to add to their CVs, see new places and have unforgettable experiences. Studying in another country can also make students more employable and provide new skillsets and perspectives that are important in a fast-evolving global world. Read more 

Which Are the World’s Best and Worst Countries for Girls?

According to a new Save the Children report, Sweden is the best country to be a girl. Five indicators were used in the rankings: early marriage, adolescent pregnancy, maternal mortality, women in government and secondary school completion. Sweden is followed by Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. The UK is ranked 15th. The US is 32nd. Read more 

The 25 Best Global Companies to Work For

For the fourth year in a row, Google tops the list of global employers. Analysis of thousands of employee surveys from hundreds of multinational companies narrowed it down to 25 of the best companies in the world. Google is followed by SAS Institute, W.L. Gore & Associates, Dell EMC, Daimler Financial Services, NetApp and Adecco. Read more 

How to Find a Job in a Foreign Country

International job searches are complicated. When starting yours, there are several things to keep in mind. Including a target location on resumes and cover letters can give companies reassurance about your commitment to a place. Networking can help you learn about positions that are not listed. Local leaders may know who is hiring and what the market is like for your skill. Read more 

Longterm Impact of Studying Abroad for Japanese Students

A recent study examined the impact of studying abroad on Japanese students. The results showed students developed various new skills useful in a global society while studying abroad. The experience had a significant impact on the perceptions, awareness and attitudes of participants. Studying abroad also led Japanese students to choose more fulfilling career paths. Read more 

Shanghai: Now a Single Work Permit for Expats

Foreigners will now find it easier to get a work permit in Shanghai. A series of recent policies have been enacted to attract international talent and simplify the process of getting a work permit. These policies are being implemented in order to help build a global center for scientific and technological innovation in the city. Read more 

Global Workforce Becoming More Mobile

A recent report indicates that, by 2022, as many as 42.5 percent of the total global workforce will be mobile employees. That comes out to 1.87 billion people. Globalization and advancements in mobile technology and applications continue to increase levels of mobility. Telecommuting allows businesses to offer flexible working environments. Read more