Global Career Update
November 2016 Corporate Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Japan, traveling to Australia and living in the Netherlands. It also explores setting up a bank account overseas and strategies for getting a job abroad.




Employment Outlook: Germany

With its continued robust economy, Germany seeks to fill its skilled worker gap by employing expats, newly arrived refugees and young Germans entering the workforce. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, GoinGlobal, Inc. Read more

Netherlands: Communication Styles

The Dutch are direct and informal when they talk, and it might come across as rude or angry to those from other cultures. It is important to keep in mind that the Dutch do not intend to offend. Few topics are forbidden in conversation in the Netherlands with religion being the main exception. Read more

Saudi Arabia: Job Search Overview

Oil prices and foreign investment have led to a rapidly growing economy in Saudi Arabia. The economy, as well as professional growth opportunities and income tax-free salaries, has enticed a steady stream of highly skilled expat workers. While expat workers are still sought after, the Saudi government has also implemented a policy of ‘Saudization’ which focuses on hiring more Saudi nationals and relying less on foreign talent. Jobseekers will find most openings in the oil and gas, health care, teaching, banking, telecommunications, construction and IT industries. Read more


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Japan Looks to Bring in More Foreign Workers as Population Falls

Aides to the Japanese Prime Minister have said the nation is planning to bring in more overseas workers in order to counter a shrinking labor force. The policies under consideration may double the number of foreign workers in Japan. Read more 

How to Open a Bank Account Abroad Without a Credit Rating

If you are a non-EU citizen looking to move into the EU or vice versa, it can sometimes be tricky dealing with banks. The biggest challenge is your credit score. An expat’s credit score does not travel with you to your new country, and it won’t travel back with you when you return home either. Banks will not know about your creditworthiness. Many banks don’t require a credit check to open an account. However, accessing credit may be a different story until you build up a credit score in a new country Read more 

Remote Year Raises $12 Million to Combine Remote Work and Global Travel

Remote Year seeks to connect people interested in traveling the world with remote work opportunities. Participants spend a year abroad with one month in twelve different cities around the world. The team at Remote Year recently announced an investment of $12 million in the company and has plans to significantly increase the number of participants. Read more 

7 Tips for Getting a Job Abroad

Finding a job in another country requires a lot of hard work along with careful planning and flexibility. It’s important to prioritize the change that’s most important to you. It’s also helpful to start your job search early, target less competitive cities, focus on small and medium-sized companies, use your network and consider alternative entry paths. Read more 

Australia: Temporary Visa Categories to be Consolidated and Simplified

In Australia, a new temporary visa framework will go into effect in November 2016. The new framework will consolidate seven types of temporary visas into four subclasses and one sponsorship class. The goal is to simplify the visa process and is part of a larger aim to simplify visa processes in general in Australia. Read more 

Meeting Your Duty of Care to Globally Mobile Employees

It is critical that employers operating overseas or sending staff abroad take steps to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of employees. Regular risk assessments play a key role in determining how this can be done. Unfortunately, many employers fail to understand the importance of these risk assessments. Read more