Global Career Update
October 2016 Corporate Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including living in Spain, working in Australia and finding a job in Portugal. It also explores flexible working and ways to go abroad for free.




Employment Outlook: The United Kingdom

Pre-Brexit vote, the U.K. was experiencing economic and employment optimism. Now, employers are cautious and employees anxious about a future outside of the EU. Here’s a look at where employment stands now and the projections for a somewhat uncertain future. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, GoinGlobal, Inc. Read more

South Korea: Cost of Living

South Koreans are paid well and enjoy a high standard of living. The cost of living, on the whole, is reasonable. However, Seoul is expensive – ranking among the most costly in the region and globally. Housing is the main reason for the high cost of living. Read more

Sweden: The Interview

When interviewing in Sweden, use formal greetings. They are not normally used. However, first names should only be used when invited to do so. Be prepared to answer questions about everything from your background including hobbies and opinions on current matters related to the position. It is also expected that you ask questions during an interview. Read more


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Looking to Move Abroad for Work? Here are Five of the BEST Places in Europe

International work experience looks great on a resume or CV. It shows you can function outside your comfort zone and adapt to new cultures and experiences. Increasing globalization means that businesses and organizations need truly global workers. Dublin, Lisbon, Stockholm, Prague and Berlin are five of the best places in Europe to consider when thinking about moving abroad. Read more 

6 Ways to Promote Internal Talent Mobility in Your Organization

According to Gallup’s 2015 Workforce Panel study, over half of employees are actively looking for a new job. Most do so in order to expand their knowledge and use their strengths. It is important for employers to keep employees from getting bored. The answer is not necessarily moving employees up the corporate ladder but around – with lateral moves and multi-directional career transitions. Having career management conversations and providing opportunities is key. Read more