Global Career Update
September 2016 Corporate Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including moving to Portugal, living in Dubai and volunteering in Mexico. It also explores social media mistakes and building trust across cultures. Read on for more!




Mexico: Internships and Volunteering

In Mexico, non-profit groups were originally organized and controlled by the Catholic Church. However, the Mexican government began taking over many of these institutions in order to reduce the power of the church. Since that time, private organizations have also been launched. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer in a wide range of organizations with the most important requirement being time and commitment. Read more

South Africa: Financial Considerations

South Africa is Africa’s most developed economy. However, it has had increasing instability since the financial recession. There are vast differences in South Africa’s first- and third-world areas which are in close proximity but very segregated. It is affordable for expats but salaries are low. Despite low salaries, the country offers some of the highest quality of living in Africa. Read more

Living and Working in Stockholm

Expensive but experience-rich, expat favorite Stockholm requires patience and flexibility of its residents when it comes to finding housing and budgeting for daily life. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc. Read more


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How to Build Trust Across Cultures When Working or Volunteering Overseas

When it comes to creating cross-cultural teams, trust is critical. If team members can trust each other despite their differences, chances of success increase and conflict diminish. When people trust each other, their cultural differences can be used as an advantage. Read more 

Seven Jobs That Let You Live and Work Abroad (As Your Own Boss)

Digital technology is making it easier than ever to do our jobs remotely – and this includes working overseas. Seven professions are particularly easy to do off-site. They include digital marketing, public relations, web development, graphic design, content entrepreneurship, e-commerce entrepreneurship and e-learning and video technology Read more 

Expat Guide: Moving to Portugal

When moving to Portugal, or any new country, there are a number of issues to consider and things to do once you arrive. Learn some facts about the country before you get there. Plan on getting essential tasks done quickly once you arrive. Some of these tasks include sorting visas and work permits, opening a bank account, setting up utilities and services and figuring out healthcare and insurance. Read more 

The 7 Social Media Mistakes Most Likely to Cost You a Job

A recent recruiting poll reveals what hiring managers are looking for when they check Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts of applicants. The survey indicates that 93 percent of hiring managers will look at these platforms when making hiring decisions. Turn-offs include references to illegal drugs, sexual posts, profanity, gun posts and posts about alcohol. Spelling and grammar errors may also be held against you. In contrast, LinkedIn information about volunteering or donations may help you in your job search. Read more 

How Important is Emotional Intelligence to Leaders?

Leadership is about the relationship between leaders and those that choose to follow them. As such, emotional intelligence is critical. It involves having the ability to identify, understand and manage emotions positively as well as communicating effectively, showing empathy to others and diffusing conflict. When a leader is able to understand what others are experiencing emotionally, it enhances their ability to connect. Read more