Global Career Update
June 2016 Corporate Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Ireland, eating lunch with the French and managing time in India. It also explores spontaneity in expat life and international CVs.




India: Time Management

There is an increasing importance placed on punctuality in India today. However, it seems non-existent in certain sectors. One must be patient in order to survive in the country, as agitation and anger will not help. Despite the relaxed attitude, it is important to be punctual for business meetings. Read more

India: Resume/CV Guidelines

In India, resumes take many forms and often contain large amounts of information. It is still important to be as concise as possible in the circumstances. It is a good idea to register and upload your resume to online job websites as Indian companies frequently use them. Make sure to include keywords pertaining to your industry. Read more

Employment Overview: Houston

The city of Houston continues to hold its own in job growth, despite two years of plummeting oil prices, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more


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4 Insanely Awesome Opportunities to Work Remotely from Abroad

Routine can keep people busy and keep them postponing certain dreams. However, a number of services are targeting people interesting in working remotely and traveling at the same time. For about the price of rent plus utilities in major U.S. cities, you can participate in a program that will provide housing, flights, networking opportunities, co-working spaces, wifi and a community of people Read more 

Finding Balance: Building Spontaneity in Expat Life

When it comes to expat life, planning is important. However, the experience can throw even the best-laid plans into disarray, and it can feel like nothing happens as it should. It is a good idea to embrace spontaneity and open yourself up to unexpected experiences – both personally and professionally Read more 

Why Lunch Breaks Matter to French Employees

While some people use their lunch break to catch up on work-related activities, French employees are still deeply committed to having a break. It is not only about having a meal but also to spend time with co-workers, recharge and do non-work related activities. Read more 

International CV

When submitting a resume or CV for an international job, it is important to consider the format, presentation, structure and content. It is critical to tailor it to the country and the job. Make sure your skills and experience are presented in the most effective and culturally appropriate way possible. It’s also a good idea to declare your current visa status if you are eligible to work in the country. Read more 

Why You Should Try to Work Overseas

In order to reach top executive levels in the business world, working abroad should be considered. It helps employees stand out and offers a way to demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and social skills. It also presents the opportunity for assignments not available in your home country as well as offering higher pay incentives and boosting self-confidence. Read more 

Flexible Working Key to Commuter Work-Life Balance

A new survey out of the UK reveals that employees in London are less likely to work flexibly than in the rest of the UK despite much longer commute times and over half having the ability to do so. Almost 20% of London commuters regard their commute as a top source of stress. Commutes were not a top stressor in the rest of the country. The report notes that flexible workers report less pressure than those who do not work flexibly. Read more