Global Career Update
May 2016 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including traveling to Europe, applying for jobs in the United Kingdom and traveling to Argentina. It also explores startups that help turn workers into digital nomads and tips for getting a job abroad.




United Kingdom: Communication Styles

Until you know the procedures and protocol of a particular setting in the United Kingdom, it is best be formal, dress smart and behave in a reserved manner. Traditionally, emotional displays, too much enthusiasm and talking loudly are frowned upon. However, things are changing and British culture is growing more informal every day. Read more

United Kingdom: Cover Letter Guidelines

A cover letter is your introduction to an employer and it should make immediately clear what you are seeking from them. Most cover letters will only be glanced over, so it is best to be as succinct as possible. Be sure to use British spellings and date formats as well as British terminology, e.g. CV rather than resume. Read more

Employment Outlook: Tokyo

Japan’s megacity continues its job growth, low unemployment and overall optimism, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more


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The Facts Around Working Abroad

More than 232 million people live in a country where they weren’t born according to the United Nations. Many go for better career prospects, competitive salaries, better weather and new challenges. A recent survey of 22,000 expats sought to better understand the experience of working abroad. Expats go abroad most often through an existing employer Read more 

Go and Work Abroad – It Could Have Career Benefits You Never Imagined

When working in another country, the challenges you face and the skills you learn can turn you into quite an asset for a company. Employers are aware of this and value international experience when making their decisions. There are many places you can go and opportunities to take advantage of when considering work abroad. Read more