Global Career Update
March 2016 Corporate Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Ireland, living in France and submitting resumes in Vietnam. It also explores volunteering abroad and taking a gap year.




Vietnam: Non-Profit Careers

A career with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the non-profit sector can be richly rewarding and personally fulfilling. Vietnamese NGOs (VNGOs) are still getting up and running. Many foreign NGOs have come into the country to help train VNGOs regarding the skills and management necessary to be successful. Read more

Vietnam: Resume/CV Guidelines

A resume for work in Vietnam should be specific to the job and local practices. Employers in the country need candidates with hard skill sets such as engineering and technology as well as soft skills. They appreciate the ability to build relationships in business. Honors and grades achieved should be included as Vietnamese employers like to hire candidates with good academic records. Read more

Employment Trends: Vietnam

With economic reforms, more modern business practices and a youthful population, Vietnam is on a growth trajectory – with one major problem – the demand for skilled employees far exceeds supply, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more


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The No-Fear Guide to Taking a Gap Year or Career Break

In some countries, taking a gap year is common and even encouraged. In the United States, it is not. However, this may be changing as educators and employers begin to see the benefits of gap years, including increased maturity and preparedness. And students aren’t the only ones who can take advantage. Career breaks can be just as helpful. For the most benefit, be sure to structure the break and make a financial plan. Read more 

How to Escape: Tips and Sites for Working or Volunteering Abroad

If you’re interested in living and working overseas, different courses and websites can help you fulfill your goal. Volunteering, teaching, house sitting and doing seasonal work all present different ways of going abroad. Yoga instructors, tour guides, and massage therapists all have ways of working overseas as well. Take a look at these websites for details Read more 

30 Interesting Facts About France

If you are thinking of visiting or moving to France, consider some of these interesting facts about the country to help you prepare. It is the largest country in the EU, of which about a quarter is covered by forest. The vast majority of the population – about 85 percent – live in urban areas. Europe’s highest mountain is Mont Blanc in the French Alps at 4,810m. There are over 1,000 different types of cheese made in France. Read more 

Want a Job Abroad? Here Are Resume Tips For Finding a Job Abroad

When looking for jobs abroad, it is often necessary to use different approaches than with a domestic job search. This extends to the resume. The most important sections of an international resume include the career objective, education and work experience. Personal and professional traits are also sometimes added. Read more 

Job Hunting Abroad? Don’t Let Cultural Differences Trip You Up

The easiest way to get a job abroad is to work with a company who has operations in your target country. However, it can take years to get in the position to move abroad. If you need or want something faster, you can focus on foreign companies, but they may expect you have a clear understanding of cultural differences. Navigating the nuances of customs and manners worldwide can be tricky. Read more 

HR Isn’t Meeting Global Business Demands

In corporate America, there is some confusion about the role of human resources (HR) and how it should support business growth and performance. Almost half of respondents in a 2014 Deloitte study said their HR departments were “not ready” to reskill in order to meet demands of global business. One approach offers four steps to upskilling HR and improving talent and performance. Read more