Global Career Update
February 2015 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including starting a business in Europe, working in Singapore and living in Sweden. It also explores expat investment tips and Asian business sentiment.

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Portland-Based Nonprofit Contributes $20 million to Promote Study Abroad

The Council on International Educational Exchange recently announced that it will contribute more than $20 million focused on doubling the number of American college students who study abroad by 2020. The institute believes the number of students studying abroad is insufficient in an increasingly global marketplace. Read more 

The Top 6 European Cities for Startups in 2015 and the Companies to Watch

London is a key player in the European startup world. However, there are other European cities that new businesses should consider as well. Berlin, Budapest, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Tallinn, along with London, make up the top six European cities for startups in 2015. Read more 

Overseas Work Can Be a Rewarding Adventure

Working abroad can be both exhilarating and daunting. Asking several questions during decision-making can help manage the process. One insider offers her insights and resource tools to help learn about opportunities and plan an overseas work experience. Read more 

Higher Education: Global Participation Rates to Continue Rising, Says Report

Around the world, higher education rates look set to continue rising despite more than doubling during the last two decades, according to a recent study. Participation in higher education is fueled by the rise of an aspirational middle class in developing countries – most notably in China and India. Read more 

5 Experiences You Must Try As an Expat In Sweden

Sweden is a place for everyone. There are opportunities for city-lovers and nature-lovers as well as people of all faiths and backgrounds. The country has a lot to offer expats. When in the country, there are five things you must do: partake in a fika, visit the museums and zoos, experience the wildlife, explore the lakes and islands and observe the craftsmanship of Swedish glassworkers. Read more 

Asia Business Sentiment Rebounds; India Most Optimistic, China Least

The fourth quarter of 2014 saw business sentiment rebound to the second-highest level in nearly three years. The Thomas Reuters/INSEAD Asian Business Sentiment Index increased to 72 from 66. Numbers above 50 indicate an overall positive outlook. Indian business provided the biggest boost. Businesses in China and Japan were the least positive. Read more 

Singapore: Employment Pass Holders Face New Requirements to Start Work

Beginning in March 2015, foreign nationals approved for Employment Passes (EP) in Singapore must wait for the online issuance of their EP and Notification Letter before they can start working. Currently, they can start work while these things are pending. Employers should, therefore, plan for EP applicants well in advance of their arrival in Singapore. Read more 

Expat Investment Tips 2015

Expats have many different investment options. Several experts offer advice about managing money and making wise investment decisions in 2015. One expert recommends spreading risk by investing in a range of investments and asset classes. Another discusses the importance of dividends. Other experts discuss investing in equities. Read more 




France: Daily Life

For the most part, the French are private people, and it can be difficult to form friendships initially. Personal questions should be avoided during first encounters. While many of the French speak English, they appreciate efforts to speak the French language. Read more

Australia: Office Protocol

Generally speaking, Australians are friendly, approachable, reliable and hard working. For many, quality of life is as important as work. Directness, pragmatism, flexibility and modesty are considered positive work traits. The management structure in Australia is relatively flat with hierarchies existing primarily for clarity of decision-making. Read more

Working and Living in London

Expat friendly but expensive, London proves a continued favorite among foreign jobseekers looking for comfortable environs and a diverse job market, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more