Global Career Update
February 2016 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including welcoming refugees in Germany, working in the United States and traveling to Singapore. It also explores video job interviewing and benefits of working abroad.




Singapore: Work Permits/Visas

There are several categories of visas for people wishing to study, work or visit Singapore. The process for getting a visa to travel is mostly straightforward and easy to navigate. However, the work permit/visa process requires much more documentation in order to meet the requirements. Full-time students must apply for a student’s pass. Read more

South Africa: Daily Life

It was only 25 years ago that racism and segregation were accepted and rampant in South Africa. However, with the election of President Nelson Mandela in 1994, things started to change. With the changes come promising prospects for business, trade and tourism. One of the strong beliefs held by many in the country is that of Ubuntu, or compassion towards other people. Read more

Employment Outlook: Toronto and Vancouver

Slow but steady job growth can be found in two of Canada’s major cities, despite the negative impact of falling commodity prices in some regions of Canada, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more


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A to Z Guide of the World’s Groups ‘Without Borders’

Doctors without Borders is a well-known global initiative. However, Bees without Borders and Geeks without Borders are much lesser known. A vast array of professions offer some sort of “without borders” group. These groups offer a way for people to get involved in a global world. Read more 

Study Abroad Programs Show Durability in Age of Terrorism

Recent terror attacks around the world have cast a shadow over international travel. However, US colleges and universities say they have done little to slow the popularity of study abroad programs. With these issues happening all over the world, US students seem to accept that security risks don’t necessarily increase beyond US borders. Read more 

Welcoming the Strange: Expats in Germany Find Role Helping Refugees

Expats know what it feels like to be a stranger in a strange land. And while being an expat-by-choice is very different from being a refugee, expats in Germany are finding they have many insights to offer and ways they can help. Read more 

Podcast Examines Video Job Interviewing: What You Need to Know

One of the changing aspects of the recruitment and hiring process is the increasing use of video job interviews. These types of interviews bring a number of advantages, but also some drawbacks. Traveling isn’t necessary, but it is sometimes difficult to find rapport onscreen that might come naturally in person. How much weight is given to a video interview should depend on the position itself. Read more 

The 5 Things You’ll Gain by Working Abroad Early in Your Career

Working overseas can be a great option when first getting started in the working world. Millennials who have taken the plunge share what they learned through the experience: understanding, self-discovery, flexibility, tenacity and validation. Read more 

US Employment-Based Immigration Changes Proposed

The US Department of Homeland Security is proposing new immigration regulations aimed at making life easier for highly-skilled immigrants and their employers in the US. The proposed changes are intended to help employers recruit and retain workers and increase the ability of employees to accept promotions, change positions, change employers and pursue other employment opportunities. The DHS has stated that the majority of the changes simply bring structure to current practices. Read more 

UK Dominates Ranking of Globally-Focused Universities

According to a Times Higher Education list of the 200 most international universities in the world, Qatar University ranks first followed by the University of Luxembourg and the University of Hong Kong. The rankings look at institutions that hire faculty from around the world, attract top international students and collaborate with leading departments worldwide. Of the 200 universities on the list, 64 are in the UK. The US features poorly due to faculty and students being more “home-grown”. Read more 

Taking a Job Overseas? Preparing to Become an Expat.

When receiving an offer for a job overseas, there are several practical financial matters to consider. The US requires its citizens to pay taxes on worldwide income. However, many are able to avoid double taxation through treaties and the US Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Working outside the US may impact your investments. Real estate investments should also be taken into account. Read more