Global Career Update
April 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Bahrain, applying for work permits for Canada and understanding employment trends in Belgium. It also explores volunteering abroad and what to expect when working abroad.




Belgium: Employment and Industry Trends

Belgium has a modern, diverse and high-tech economy. It is home to more than 1,000 international organizations. The job market is good in health, education, commerce and finance and insurance. Good levels of job creation are forecast in the coming two years. Read more

Guatemala: Work Permits and Visas

Foreign nationals planning to travel, work or study in Guatemala generally require a visa. Depending on the length of the trip and the applicant’s nationality, different requirements apply. Guatemala is a member of the Central America Border Control Agreement (CA-4). The agreement is a treaty signed by Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua which allows free movement of people among the four countries. Read more

Employment Outlook: Mexico

Facing economic uncertainty due to its informal job sector and the U.S. administration’s call for a trade renegotiation, Mexico pushes forward with jobs to fill and talent to find. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc. Read more


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Leaving the US: What to Expect From a Job Abroad

Working abroad can be richly rewarding both personally and professionally. However, it is important to understand the practicalities such a move entails. How do salaries compare? Can you adjust to different cultural and professional norms? What about adjusting to life in another language? Ups and downs are normal and should be expected. Read more 

Bahrain Among Top 5 Nations for Women Working Abroad

A recent survey from InterNations examined information from more than 6,000 women around the world and created a ranking of the top countries for women working abroad. Luxembourg topped the list followed by Taiwan, Germany and Hungary. Bahrain rounds out the top five performing extremely well for job satisfaction and career opportunities for women. Read more 

Canada: Plans Announced for Streamlined Work Permit Program for Highly-Skilled Workers

The Canadian government has recently announced plans for a new temporary worker program called the Global Talent Stream. The program is scheduled to begin in June 2017 and aims to increase employer’s access to highly-skilled foreign workers. For qualified workers, the program will feature shorter processing times for work permit applications and possible work permit exemptions for certain short-term highly-skilled workers. Read more 

New Platform Currently Offering 600+ Scholarships and Programs for Displaced University Students

The Institute for International Education and the Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education have recently launched an online platform to connect displaced students with opportunities to continue their education in safety around the world. The platform offers more than 600 scholarships as well as language learning and online courses. The goal is to provide opportunities for university and graduate students whose access to education has been cut off due to crises in their home countries. Read more 

International Students Worth £25 billion to UK Economy

International students studying in the UK generate more than £25 billion for the economy. These students also boost regional jobs and local businesses by supporting 206,600 jobs in university towns and cities across the country. Tuition fees paid by international students account for more than 14 percent of total university income. Read more 

5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Volunteering Abroad

No matter your age, spending time volunteering abroad with a local community or environment is time well spent. Asking several key questions beforehand can make sure you get the most from your trip and make a real difference. What are you looking for? What are my hosts’ incentives? Are the hosts interested in you as a human with particular skills? What are the specific goals of the project? What am I going to learn? Read more 

The Most Attractive Cities to Move to for Work

Despite some recent resistance to globalization, companies are continuing to recruit workers from around the world, and talented workers are continuing to seek out overseas opportunities. Where do these workers want to live? A global research company examined financial and lifestyle metrics and determined the most attractive places for today’s workforce. Overall, Zurich, Switzerland took the top spot followed by Geneva, Luxembourg City, Munich, Vienna, New York City and Berlin. Read more 

Japan Lays Groundwork for Free Education Policy to Help Economy

Japan is currently laying the groundwork for a free education program aimed at helping some households cover student costs from pre-school to college. The aim of the program is to ensure and maintain a highly-skilled workforce in the country. Read more