Global Career Update
June 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Sweden, living in Brazil and interviewing in Austria. It also explores volunteering abroad and a grown-up’s “study” abroad.




Panama: Communication Styles

When in Panama, it’s best to follow the host’s lead when it comes to appropriate behavior. The diversity of ethnicities and cultures make it complicated. Generally, the culture is formal. It is important to show respect and consideration. Professionals with a degree are referred to by mentioning that degree. Read more

Austria: Interview Conduct

When interviewing for an Austrian company, make sure to arrive on time or early. Delays should be reported immediately. Dress formally and make sure to be well groomed. Be aware that everyone you meet may be involved in the decision-making process including people you meet entering the office and while waiting. Make sure to address interviewers with their academic titles. Read more

Employment Overview: India

Despite an economic growth slowdown and workforce and infrastructure challenges, India is still hiring more than any other Southeast Asian country across a variety of job sectors. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc. Read more


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Best Countries for Women to Work Abroad – Expat Survey

Almost half of the women who live abroad today do so because of their job or business. A recent survey examined the best countries for women working abroad, and the list was different from the top countries for men. Luxembourg, Taiwan and Germany top the list. Hungary and Bahrain perform extremely well for job satisfaction and career opportunities for women. Read more 

Volunteering for Change: Identifying Responsible Overseas Charity Work

There has been some controversy about volunteering abroad. However, if done responsibly, these opportunities can be hugely beneficial to recipient communities. They can also give volunteers greater perspective and inspiration to affect systemic change. Before saying yes, make sure a volunteer program has been requested by its recipient community. Check that NGOs only use volunteers when there is a clear advantage to doing so. Insist that charities are transparent with their funds. Read more 

UK Aims to Double Number of Students Going Abroad by 2020

Universities UK International recently announced its goal to double the number of UK students who go abroad during their degree by 2020. The aim is to have 13.2 percent of UK students either study or work abroad during their degree. The director of UUKi said this target is both “achievable” and “realistic” and discussed a “new urgency” to increasing the number of students going overseas. Read more 

Eurozone Unemployment Rate Lowest Since 2009

In February, the Eurozone unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in almost eight years. Youth unemployment, as well as overall unemployment, fell. Job growth in the Eurozone area could accelerate in the months ahead due to significant increases in hiring expectations and prolonged robust economic growth. Read more 

Plan for Study Abroad as International Student in the U.S.

International students who plan to study in the United States should also consider the study abroad and exchange programs offered through their U.S. institution. Students can immerse themselves in additional cultures, participate in research opportunities, network and add to their global contacts. Read more 

Sweden: Shorter Processing Times Introduced for Work and Residence Permit Applications

The Swedish Migration Agency has recently implemented a new system for employers registered with the Fast Track Certificate to improve processing times for Work and Residence Permit applications submitted after May 1, 2017. Initial applications will now be processed within 10 business days rather than taking up to two months. Renewals will be processed within 20 business days rather than taking up to seven months. Read more 

Travel While You Work, the Grown-Up’s Study Abroad

With many employers offering the chance for employees to work remotely, opportunities to travel while working are on the rise. A number of companies are helping facilitate these travel experiences including Remote Year, Outside, LiveWorkFit, ExploreThere and Hacker Paradise. Read more 

Brazil: Congress Approves New Immigration Law

Brazil’s congress has recently approved a new law guaranteeing that foreign residents have the same rights as native-born Brazilians. This law replaces highly restrictive laws that viewed immigrants as a potential threat to national security put in place decades ago. The law does not change existing legislation dealing with the granting of visas to foreigners. Read more