Global Career Update
November 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over, including working in Costa Rica, living in Hong Kong and finding jobs in Italy. It also explores how to find a job abroad and video interviewing.




Italy: Resume/CV Guidelines

While networking and introductions are the most common way to find a job in Italy, the resume/CV continues to be essential to the job search process. While it is not necessary to rewrite your resume/CV completely for each job, it is important to tailor each one to the individual job, highlighting and removing things as necessary. The average length of a resume/CV is two pages. Read more

Hong Kong: Cost of Living

Hong Kong is expensive. It is ranked the second most expensive city in the world. However, most foreigners working in Hong Kong earn more money there than at home. The main reason for the high cost of living is housing costs and the shortage of land on the island. Read more

Living and Working in the Netherlands

With a growing economy, high quality of life and reasonable cost of living, the Netherlands is a good choice for foreign nationals looking for a move abroad. Read more


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Study Abroad Impacts Employability Skills – IIE

A recent study from the Institute of International Education (IIE) has found that studying abroad has an overall positive impact on the development of a range of job skills. It also expands career possibilities and has a long-term impact on career progression and promotion. Read more 

4 Things You Need to Do to Secure a Job Abroad

Getting a job abroad is more complicated that finding work at home. Consider these tips to make the process just a bit easier. Make sure to do your (in-depth) research. Demonstrate the right kind of enthusiasm (and make sure it’s for the job itself). Make social media work for you. Examine your biases and don’t expect things to be exactly like they are at home. Read more 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Work Abroad

There are plenty of reasons to go outside your comfort zone and work overseas. It can improve your income. It can speed up your career. Learning and adapting to a new culture improves problem-solving skills and increases ability to make complex connections. It can help you become more creative. It helps you build a global network. It can improve your communication skills. Read more 

Gap Year Guide: How to See the World and Not End Up in Debt

Taking a gap year and traveling around the world can be the adventure of a lifetime. However, you don’t want it to involve a lifetime of debt. It is easier to find paid work abroad opportunities in certain countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand and China. Certain programs offer volunteering and internship opportunities and arrange details in advance. Teaching English can pay well in some countries. Read more 

Video Interviewing on the Rise

Technology is quickly changing the way the world works, and the job search process is no exception. Traditional face-to-face interviews are still the preferred method of interviewing. However, more and more employers are using video interviewing in the recruitment process. Some are using one-way video interviewing to get an interviewee to respond to a fixed set of questions. Two-way video interviewing is more similar to regular interviewing but keeps costs down and allows recruitment from a distance. Read more 

Costa Rica is Second in Latin America in Competitiveness

Improvements in health and education in Costa Rica have led the country to move up seven places in the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018. Costa Rica now finds itself at the 47th position above Panama, Mexico and Colombia. It now ranks second in Latin America in competitiveness. Read more 

Aiming for a Dream Startup Job in a Foreign Land? These Steps Will Help You Strengthen Your Case

In today’s world, tech companies fill their technical skill and diversity gap through expatriate assignments. These can be short-term assignments all the way to full-time employment. Specialized job portals are a good place to look for opportunities. However, job application preparation is just as important as finding the right opportunity. Picking the right job location, finding the right company, tailoring your resume, adapting to another culture and aiming for good work-life balance are all critical to success. Read more 

How Do You Prepare Students for an Unknowable Future?

At a recent meeting of university leaders in Singapore, questions arose about the impact of disruptive technologies on jobs and how to prepare graduates for a future that is unclear. The pace of change is a concern as what students learn at university may not be current when they are looking for jobs. What may become most important are adaptability, resilience, the need to continually learn and being comfortable with change and uncertainty. Read more