Global Career Update
July 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over, including living in Australia, moving to Canada and working in Nicaragua. It also explores why young graduates want to work abroad and the top ten world economies in digital competitiveness.




Chile: Resumes/CV Guidelines

A resume or CV in Chile will generally include a heading, summary, education, professional goals, work history, publications/conferences and additional information. References should only be included if requested by the employer. Avoid using common templates, graphics or colored paper. Don’t’ leave unexplained gaps. Read more

Nicaragua: Management Styles

In Nicaragua, most companies have a well-defined hierarchy. Top managers make important decisions. It may be ok for subordinates to give suggestions, but, mostly, they carry out the decisions. It would be bad form to go above a direct supervisor to address an issue. International companies may have management practices based on the company’s home culture rather than the management culture of Nicaragua. Read more

Employment Outlook: Vietnam

Culturally rich Vietnam employs more and more highly skilled foreign workers to fill gaps. Read more


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Why Today’s Young Grads Want to Work Abroad – And Why It Matters

Common themes emerge when talking with recent graduates who plan to teach English abroad. They recognize the rewards and challenges of cultural exchange and the need to embrace both. They believe living abroad is the best way to develop an understanding of the perspectives and worldviews of others. They value teaching abroad as a way to shape themselves for lifetimes of service, purpose and meaning. Read more 

Canada Rolling Out Welcome Mat to Visitors, Skilled Workers, Students

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Ahmad Hussen, recently discussed how refugees are welcome in Canada because “the country understands that immigration helps, not hinders, society”. He discussed how the government is streamlining visa application procedures for international business investors, skilled workers and students. Read more 

Essay: Should We Study Abroad?

It is comfortable and easy to pursue a Master’s or a doctoral degree in your native country. However, the benefits of doing one abroad are many. Prejudices and stereotypes fade. People become more multicultural as they meet, befriend and collaborate with other nationalities. Read more 

Top 10 World Economies in Digital Competitiveness

Recently, the IMD World Competitiveness Center released a report on the digital competitiveness of economies. The report assessed countries based on 50 criteria in three categories: knowledge, technology and future readiness. Singapore topped the list followed by Sweden, the US, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Canada and Norway. Read more 

Brazil’s Study Travel Market Bounces Back

In 2016, Brazil’s outbound study increased by 14 percent with 247,000 student studying abroad during the year according to a recent survey. These numbers are a marked improvement from 2015 when the numbers were damaged significantly due to a tough economic climate. The survey also showed that the priorities of students have shifted as they relate to employability. Read more 

This is What Expats Working in Australia Like, And Dislike, About This Country

A recent survey found expats in Australia have a better work-life balance in Australia compared to their home countries. Close to two-thirds of respondents also said they earn more money. The best-rated features of the country included beaches and nature, weather, safety, working conditions and food. However, over two-thirds of respondents missed friends and family. They also disliked how expensive the country is to live in. Read more 

Adapting to New Cultures is One of the Biggest Barriers for Employees Wanting to Work Abroad

A recent survey found that 92 percent of undergraduates are keen to work abroad in the early stages of their career. However, the majority of executives believe new hires need additional skills development or more self-confidence before working internationally. Almost half of HR managers identified adaptation to new cultures as a problem. They also highlighted language issues. Read more 

Stuck in a Rut? How About Working Abroad for a Month!

When you work remotely and find yourself in a work rut, consider working abroad for a month. It sounds crazy but the benefits can have a profound impact on your career. The change of environment can lead to a new level of energy, creativity and excitement for your work. And the costs can be quite reasonable. Read more