Global Career Update
August 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including traveling in India, moving to Italy and working in the Netherlands. It also explores how to internationalize your resume or CV and checklists for traveling abroad.




Spain: Interviewing Conduct

Interviews in Spain can vary significantly depending on whether it’s with a small, local business or an international company. It’s important to know the difference and prepare accordingly. Always be on time for an interview in Spain but be prepared to wait for the interviewer for up to 30 minutes. Dress should be formal or classic but can depend on the sector and company philosophy. Read more

Canada: Financial Considerations

According to HSBC Bank’s Expat Explorer Survey, Canada ranks third overall as a destination for foreign nationals. However, the rankings for the country slipped to 20th for wage growth and 25th for disposable income. The cost of living varies across Canada with large metropolitan areas being more expensive than smaller cities and towns. Read more

Employment Outlook: Atlanta

One of the U.S.’s largest cities, Atlanta continues to see economic growth, diverse job opportunities and high salaries. By Mary Anne Thompson, Founder and President, Goinglobal, Inc Read more


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US: 2017 International Student Yield Outlook Rosier Than Predicted

The number of international undergraduate students who accepted an offer to study in the US in the fall of 2017 dropped by 2 percent as of mid-May when compared with fall of 2016. This decline is much less than what had been predicted in the Trump era. However, the southern region and Texas, in particular, saw a more notable decline. Read more 

How to Internationalize Your Resume

When it comes to creating a resume or CV, highlighting cross-cultural competencies has become a critical feature. International skills can set you apart and help you gain an advantage. Use the summary section to highlight things that can accentuate your global experience and focus. Include all international experiences even if they were done in your home country. List languages and proficiency levels. Use phrases and verbs that emphasize your international commitment. Read more 

Moving to Italy: 7 Things to Know Before You Move to Italy

When thinking about a move to Italy, it is easy to have romantic notions about such a beautiful country. However, it is important to do research and fully understand the realities of life in the country. Important information about visas, healthcare, where to live, what to bring, buying property, building or renovating and moving pets can be found here. Read more 

Gen Y and Millennials More Likely to Work Abroad

According to research from The RES Forum, generation Y and millenials are more likely than their older peers to seek out international work assignments. These groups also change employers more frequently and are promoted more regularly than older generations. Read more 

Study Abroad Experiences Are Not Just for Students

In the university world, study abroad, undergraduate research, service learning, internships and other experiences are recognized as effective practices for students when it comes to critical thinking skills, communication skills, personal and social responsibility and an openness to lifelong learning. One administrator believes these experiences can have similar benefits for others as well. Read more 

Proper Travel Etiquette in India

Customs and etiquette in India can be overwhelming and confusing. The country has 18 official languages and 1.2 billion residents. A few tips can help you communicate more effectively and get along with the locals. Despite high temperatures, do not wear skimpy clothing. When dining out, use your right hand to eat. Your left hand is for drinking and passing dishes. Read more 

The Netherlands – New Work Permit Exemptions for Certain Approved Projects

In the Netherlands, a new program has been announced under which certain foreign nationals will be eligible for a Work Permit exemption if performing specialized work on approved projects with Dutch companies. Only Dutch companies are eligible to submit projects for approval under this program. Read more