Global Career Update
December 2014 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Australia, healthcare in Taiwan and the economy in Latin America. It also explores traveling after university and the global gender gap.

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Bringing What You Learned at Your Internship Abroad Back to America

An internship abroad can help students develop an understanding of the business world and how it varies in different countries. For the internship to be advantageous when returning home, it is important to make the skills learned relevant to the domestic job market. Keep track of everything you do. Make sure you have time to reflect. Keep track of unique stories and situations. Keep in contact with your colleagues. Read more 

Taiwan Tops the Expat Health Care Charts

More than two-thirds of expats in Taiwan say they enjoy higher quality of heath care in Taiwan than in their home countries. Additionally, nearly seven in 10 say they spend less on healthcare than before moving. Simple rules for expats and provisions for health insurance helped Taiwan secure the top stop. Read more 

New Global University Ranking Puts Germany Second to US

A new global university ranking launched by US News & World Report indicates that the US continues to dominate the world’s top 500 universities. German universities had the second highest number of universities on the list beating out the United Kingdom. The methodology of the rankings examined global and regional reputation, academic research performance and international collaboration as well as university-level data on staff and PhD graduates. Read more 

Global Gender Gap Report Finds Modest Improvements

The World Economic Forum reports that improvements have been made in the overall gap between men and women in global business and politics. However, inequality remains significant in both areas worldwide. Given the current trajectory, it would take 81 years to close the global gender gap completely. Read more 

Finding Jobs in Australia Could Become Easier with Proposed Visa Changes

Proposed changes to the Subclass 457 Visa in Australia aim to make obtaining this type of visa less complicated for both applicants and employers. This type of visa allows Australian employers to recruit overseas workers for positions when there are no suitable Australian or permanent resident candidates. Read more 

Expat? 14 Best Places in the World to Live and Work

Expat-focused social network InterNations recently conducted a survey ranking countries around the world based on overall quality of life, family life, cost of living, friendliness and other factors. Ecuador came out of top followed by Luxembourg, Mexico, Switzerland and the United States. Read more 

Four Latin American Economies with Positive Outlooks

Expectations of global growth this year have recently been downgraded. With global economic recovery uneven, four Latin American countries are showing surprising strength. Mexico should see economic growth through this year and next along with Chile, Peru and Paraguay. Read more 

11 Key Employment Challenges for the Global Employer

As employers expand into other countries, it is critical to become familiar with local laws and customs. It ensures compliance with employment laws but also helps address other challenges. A few of the 11 key challenges facing international businesses include anti-bribery procedures, global health and safety, protecting employee rights and labor relations. Read more 




Canada: Daily Life

Canada is a prosperous and multicultural nation with a high rate of immigration. There are over 200 ethnic groups in Canada. Just over 20 percent of Canadians are foreign-born, and 17.5 percent speak at least two languages at home. It is important to be sensitive to cultural identity when interacting with Canadians. Read more

China: Communication Style

The Chinese are typically a modest people, and visitors should not boast or exaggerate their abilities. The Chinese not only believe humility to be a virtue but will also investigate claims. Silence is valued and frequent moments of silence are common in conversation. Read more

Employment Outlook: The Netherlands

Hiring is up, but skills shortages and stagnant salaries plague the Netherlands as it struggles to recover from the global recession, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more