Global Career Update
November 2014 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including moving to Qatar, traveling to Europe and working in Panama. It also explores ways to enjoy living abroad and the global workforce.

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Germany: Where to Get a Free College Degree

The last German state to charge tuition at its universities struck down those fees recently and made higher education free. The lack of tuition extends to all international students at German universities as well. An increasing number of German universities offer degrees in English, and international language programs can help those who want to obtain a degree in German. Read more 

How Studying or Working Abroad Makes You Smarter

A growing body of research indicates that spending time in other countries makes people more creative, flexible and complex thinkers – if we are willing to adapt and learn from other cultures. These skills help people make connections among disparate ideas and may make people more successful professionally as well. Read more 

The Global Workforce: Traveling Talent

A recent survey shows that people from around the world, especially younger people, are eager to work abroad. The sample is somewhat skewed with most respondents being between the ages of 20 and 50 and most having further- or higher-education qualifications. However, these are precisely the type of workers companies – and countries – want to attract. Read more 

Moving to Spain? Learn What Makes It Such a Great Expat Destination

Warm weather, low cost of living and rich culture make Spain one of the top expat destinations in Europe. Property prices in Spain have dropped in recent years, and it is one of the least expensive countries in Western Europe. Additionally, the healthcare system in the country is ranked in the top ten in the world. Read more 

101 Ways to Enjoy Living Abroad: Move Abroad the Easy Way

A number of things can help make moving to another country easier. If possible, visit the place before moving there. Assume everything will be different. Then you’ll be surprised when things are like home. Lastly, don’t isolate yourself. It can be easy to stay home and hide, but getting out and interacting will make a place feel more like home. Read more 

Moving Guide: 10 Things to Know Before Relocating to Qatar

Qatar is home to a huge expat population, and hundreds more arrive daily. Many of these expats arrive with similar questions. One expat discusses many of these questions and addresses issues related to visas, education, the health system, driving, women’s rights, accommodation, alcohol and more. Read more 




Employment Trends: Ireland

The “Celtic Tiger” continues its long journey to economic and employment recovery following devastating effects from the global recession. Although Ireland’s GDP grew by 7.7% for the year ending in June, job growth remains a challenge, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more

Panama: Negotiation Styles

When it comes to business and negotiation in Panama, personal relationships are critical. Trust is important, and much time is spent developing relationships. The business world is hierarchical, and the person with the most authority makes the decisions. Negotiations tend to be slow, and more than one meeting is often needed to close a deal. Read more

Finland: The Sauna

In Finland, the sauna plays a role in both business and social interactions and has a specific protocol. Being invited to a sauna is an honor, and refusing is an insult without a true reason. It is mostly a quiet experience separated by gender. Once everyone has left the sauna, there are usually refreshments. Read more