Global Career Update
October 2014 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including cost of living in Paris, the economy of Ireland and the environment of Costa Rica. It also explores traveling with credit cards and tips for moving to a new country.

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Traveling Abroad with Credit Card? You Better Bring Cash

Smart chip credit and debit cards (or “chip and PIN” cards) are the norm in Europe and quickly becoming the worldwide standard. So why haven’t many Americans heard of them? And will magnetic “swipe and sign” credit cards work when traveling in Europe? The answer is mixed and inconsistent. It depends what country you’re in and what kind of transaction you’re trying to make. Read more 

What Sets Costa Rica Apart?

The environment is a big deal in Costa Rica. And when it comes to its economic development and the environment, Costa Rica has created a holistic and unique approach. It has integrated its environment ministry with the ministry of energy, creating one department that looks after the environment, mining, energy and water. The result has been investment in renewable energy sources and taxes that have led to a reversal in deforestation. Read more 

Universities agree need for Arab world mobility scheme

Leaders at the second Arab-Euro higher education conference held recently focused on an increased need for academic mobility. Participants discussed interest in creating European-style mobility programs, such as Erasmus, and how such programs in the Arab region could have an impact on general regional cooperation. Read more 

Cost of Living Facts for Expats Moving to Paris

People relocate to France for a number of reasons – some choosing rural areas and some choosing a major city. The cost of living varies, of course. Everyday groceries as well as eating out in Paris cost slightly more than in the US or UK. Rents in Paris are slightly lower than major cities in the US or UK. Prices drop as you get outside of the city. Transportation costs in Paris can be high. Read more 

10 Tips on Moving to a New Country

Moving overseas is exciting as well as disorienting. Ten tips can help make the move a little easier. Take at least one or two favorite items with you. Do research ahead of time. Take a local language class. Get a phone with a local phone number. Arrange an appointment on the third day in your new country that you cannot miss. Read more 

France: Work Authorization Process Eased for Master’s Graduates

Under new changes, foreign students who have completed a French Master’s degree program will have until the last day of their student permit to apply for an Interim Authorization to Stay work permit (APS). Before this change, students had to apply for an APS four months before their student permit expired, and employers had to plan far in advance to hire foreign Master’s graduates. Read more 

Singapore Has Second-Most Competitive Economy in the World

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Singapore has maintained its status as the second-most competitive economy in the world. Factors evaluated in the study include infrastructure, health and education and technological readiness. For six consecutive years, Switzerland has claimed the top stop. The United States, Finland and Germany round out the top five. Read more 

Irish Manufacturing Hits 15-Year High in Boost to Recovery

A surge in new orders in August provides more evidence of an improving Irish economy as the manufacturing sector expanded at its fastest rate since 1999. These numbers show that the Irish economy is improving steadily and add to a string of positive data in recent months. Read more 




The Netherlands: Medical Care/Health Insurance

The Euro Health Consumer Index recently ranked the Dutch health care system as the best in Europe. Rather than being run by government suppliers, Dutch health services are privately run. However, the Dutch government makes sure there is universal accessibility to health care and that even basic insurance packages include certain services. Everyone living or paying income tax in the Netherlands is required to have health insurance. Kids are free. Read more

Taiwan: Cost of Living

Taiwan draws expats due to its economy and location. Most expats will be based in one of the major cities. As in many countries, living in cities is more expensive than in rural areas. However, the cost of living in Taipei is not high – less than half as expensive as living in Singapore or New York City and about half as much as Hong Kong. Clothing, western style groceries and some entertainment and housing can be expensive. Read more

Jobs Outlook: Canada

Despite having weathered the global recession relatively unscathed, Canada now faces high unemployment for young workers, talent shortages and a looming shrinking workforce, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more