Global Career Update
September 2014 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including living in Amsterdam, nursing in the United Kingdom and traveling in Ireland. It also explores tips for finding a job abroad and culture shock.

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Is Working Abroad the Answer?

While expats may constitute a minority of the population as a whole, there are still significant numbers of people living and working in other countries. The benefits of working abroad include the career advancement opportunities, general experience and monetary gains. One challenge includes being away from established support networks. Read more 

5 Tips for Finding and Obtaining a Job Abroad

Finding a job in a foreign country can be tough. Application standards vary from country to country, and the interview process can be confusing among other things. However, there are tips to help. Do your research. Consider teaching. Use your network. Make sure you stand out. Be ready for the interview. Read more 

21st Century University Recruitment Practices

Despite new technologies, the growing importance of internationalization and new initiatives, European universities are still largely anchored in their national legal frameworks, traditions and practices. National regulation can make the university system difficult for non-nationals to understand. However, a ‘quiet revolution’ has taken place in recent years that provides greater inter-university cooperation – as long as the movement doesn’t lose momentum. Read more 

Overseas Nurses and Jobs in the British National Health Service

Nurses are in high demand at NHS-funded hospitals in the UK, and recruiters are looking abroad to fill vacancies. Nurses trained outside the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA) can apply but will need to complete the Overseas Nurses Programme (ONP), register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and pass an English language test. Read more 

Amsterdam: Is This City the Happiest Place to Live and Work?

Despite high taxes, expats come to Amsterdam for the jobs. They often stick around because of the benefits they receive living there. These include work-life balance, affordable housing, an English-speaking culture, ability to earn and save and the assistance given to highly skilled migrants. Read more 

Internship & Co-op Survey: Employer Benefits and Relocation Assistance

A recent NACE survey indicates that nearly 83 percent of responding employers plan to offer some form of benefits to interns in 2014. More than 75 percent will offer benefits to co-ops. Common benefits include service time, paid holidays and social activities. Additionally, 55 percent of employers plan to provide relocation assistance to interns, and around 44 percent plan to offer it to co-ops. Common relocation assistance includes housing stipends and moving allowances. Read more 

Joint Ireland-UK Visa Program Becomes Available this Fall for Business Visitors and Tourists

Starting in the fall of 2014, Ireland and the UK will begin accepting short-stay visas issued by either country for tourism or business travel. Currently, if a traveler needs to obtain visas for these countries, they must obtain one for each country. Once the program begins, visitors will be able to travel freely between Ireland and the UK. The program will initially cover Chinese and Indian travelers but is expected to expand to other nationalities. Read more 

Culture Shock and How to Deal with It

Huge cultural gaps exist between different countries – even neighboring countries in Europe. Despite looking similar, being in close proximity and being familiar with a country, living and working somewhere is entirely different. Experience, cultural training and self-awareness can help expats overcome culture shock. Read more 




Argentina: Housing

Compared to North American standards, the cost of renting in Argentina is low. Rental costs vary throughout the country, but even in trendy neighborhoods in Buenos Aires close to international schools, the prices are comparatively cheap. There are no restrictions on foreign nationals wishing to buy property in Argentina. Read more

Ireland: Daily Life

The Irish are well-known for being hospitable and friendly. They place value on being relaxed, direct, modest and unpretentious. The Irish have a strong work ethic, but also like to make time for family and friends. The influence of religion should not be ignored. Read more