Global Career Update
March 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Singapore, starting a business in Mexico and communicating in Japan. It also explores work-life balance and writing a better resume.




Japan: Communication Styles

The communication style of the Japanese reflects the cultural importance of maintaining harmony. The Japanese are non-confrontational and rarely decline requests directly. They avoid behaviors that might cause embarrassment. In business dealings, it is necessary to read between the lines and pay close attention to body language. Read more

France: Resume/CV Guidelines

When submitting a resume or CV in France, keep it short. Two pages are justifiable when you have several years experience. Otherwise, one page will suffice. Lengthy resumes/CVs may be discarded. Luxury paper will not give you a particular advantage, and while it is customary to include a photograph, it is not obligatory. Read more

Employment Outlook: Turkey

Despite political complications and high unemployment, Turkey focuses on its young population and growing middle class as it looks toward a bright economic future. By Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president, Goinglobal, Inc. Read more


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How to Get a Job Abroad Before Moving

When trying to find a job abroad, several tips can make the process easier. Know what you are looking for and where. Do your homework. Use your network and social media. Good research can help you better understand locations, the job market, work permits, housing, etc. Read more 

Appetite for International Work Opportunities Soars Across Europe – Top Countries Revealed

Recent research indicates that European employees are interested in international work with 74 percent saying they would consider career opportunities in other countries. Germany, the UK and France are at the top of the list of desirable places to work. Read more 

7 Ways to Prepare for Study Abroad

Studying abroad is exciting. However, the preparation can be daunting. A few tips can help the process become a little easier. Start the visa application process early. Research cultural norms. Make a list of everywhere you want to go. Investigate your neighborhood ahead of time. Pack for all weather. Bring good walking shoes. Read more 

For Singapore, Globalization is Still the Future, Despite ‘Dark Shift’ to Protectionism

Despite what it calls a “dark shift” toward protectionism in many developed markets, Singapore remains committed to global trade and international ties. Leaders of the city-state recently emphasized staying open to trade, talent and ideas which include collaborations between universities and foreign and domestic start-ups as well as opportunities for Singaporean students to study overseas. Read more 

5 Great Reasons to Work Abroad

The benefits of working abroad can be numerous. Consider these five reasons to work abroad when contemplating that overseas position. Learning new skills can give you an advantage in the career world. Making global connections in person brings depth and quality to your network. The potential monetary rewards are great. International exposure makes you more competitive. The memories are priceless. Read more 

For Generation Z, Study Abroad Culture Tops Academics

A study of students from 27 countries found that around two-thirds placed a higher value on cultural experiences than scholastics and education when studying overseas. The results of the study indicate increasing interest among students in the global world and a desire to have authentic cultural experiences. Read more 

Scrub These Words and Phrases from Your Resume Right Now

With a resume or CV, you have a limited amount of space to make the best first impression possible. Filling your space with overused buzzwords can land your resume in the reject pile. Avoid using the word “unemployed’ as your employment dates will already show this. Eliminate the word “hardworking” as its assumed. Words such as “synergy” and “wheelhouse” are overused lingo. Read more 

Uruguay and Mexico to Offer Support to Entrepreneurs

Mexico and Uruguay have joined forces in a project aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in the two countries. The project involves the creation of a website for founders of new businesses which provides assistance at all stages of an entrepreneur’s project. Read more 

The 13 Countries with Best Work-Life Balance for Expats

Work-life balance is a top priority for many people, A recent survey by InterNations asked people who live and work abroad to rate different aspects of life abroad including work-life balance. The results showed that Norway is the best country for work-life balance followed by Denmark, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Taiwan and Sweden. Read more