Global Career Update
December 2017 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over, including traveling in Asia, living in Costa Rica and working in Canada. It also explores apps to help make traveling easier and how to get a job abroad.




Costa Rica: Cost of Living

Costa Rica is the fourth most competitive economy in Latin America and the Caribbean due to foreign investment and successful international trade policies. While it is not considered expensive compared to countries worldwide, it is expensive for Latin America and is ranked the third most expensive country in the region. Imported goods prices are similar to those found in North American cities. Read more

Denmark: Office Protocol

In Denmark, formality in the office setting varies from company to company. Danes prefer to get right down to business and there is very little small talk in the business setting. Danes are sticklers for detail and not afraid of criticism, which is seen as having to do with work and not a personal attack. Read more

Employment Outlook: China

Job growth in China is hampered by skills shortages, but the world’s largest economy is dealing with this by working to attract more foreign nationals and lure back foreign-educated Chinese graduates to the country. Read more


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Life After Graduation: How to Work Abroad and Pay Off Student Loans

While many students around the world are encouraged to travel and see the world after university, most Americans choose to get a job or start graduate school immediately. These plans may be decided primarily due to finances. Many U.S. students graduate with an enormous amount of loan debt. However, there are some options that allow Americans to travel, make money and take care of financial burdens. Read more 

5 Etiquette Tips for Traveling in Asia

When traveling, it’s important to research the local culture and get familiar with customs before taking off. Doing so will help ensure you understand traditions and don’t offend anyone when traveling. In Asia, make sure to dress respectfully. Be aware of personal space. Don’t be a critic. Opt for formality. Bring a gift when invited to someone’s home. Items from your home country are appreciated most. Read more 

5 Essential Apps for Easy Travel Planning

Travel apps are becoming more important than ever for travelers. They help with everything from ideas to trip planning to booking hotels and flights. Once at your destination, they offer assistance with getting around, languages and finding Wi-Fi. XE Currency Converter, Google Translate, Wi-Fi Finders, Freebird and LoungeBuddy can help make travel easy. Read more 

Europe is First Choice for U.S. Mobile Students

Study abroad participation among US students increased by 4 percent in 2015/2016 according to a new report conducted by the Institute of International Education. Currently, 10 percent of US undergraduate students study abroad before graduating. The top destinations of US students are the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany. Read more 

5 Interesting Things to Do to Get a Job Abroad

Getting a job abroad may be difficult, but several tips can help during the process. Use social media to your advantage. LinkedIn is a great tool. Facebook’s job-finding feature can also help. Do the necessary research on a country’s immigration, tax and healthcare policies as well as particular jobs and work culture. Keep an open mind. Pick a company and apply directly. Build your language skills. Read more 

How Successful Will Universities Be at Signing Up Students to Go Abroad?

As Brexit looms in the UK, universities are finding themselves at a crossroads. The world of study abroad is no different. The future of the UK’s participation with Erasmus+ (the EU program which includes student exchange programs) is unclear. However, UK universities have been eager to sign up for Universities UK International’s new campaign, “Go International: Stand Out”. The challenge for them now is to get more UK students to participate in study abroad. Read more 

27 Cities Around the World Where Expats Are Happy, Rents Are Affordable, and Jobs Are Plentiful

InterNations recently released its 2017 list of the best cities for living and working abroad. Almost 8,000 people in 40 countries submitted survey responses. Quality and cost of living, quality of work life, finances and ease of settling in were all factors in the rankings. Manama, Bahrain came in at number one followed by Prague, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. Read more