Global Career Update
July 2015 College Edition




This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Germany, applying for visas for Brazil and navigating the office in Switzerland. It also explores forming friendships overseas and talent swaps.

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Across Borders, Talent Swaps Help Develop Skills and Careers

The current sharing economy includes house and apartment swaps, car transportation sharing and co-working spaces. The corporate world is also trying out this philosophy with “talent swaps” for some overseas employees. These swaps typically last less than a year, involve employees from the same company and involve less paperwork than a traditional expat assignment. The swapped employees typically share a similar wage-pay structure and skill-experience level. Read more 

How Do You Go About Forming Those Friendships That Are So Vital For Expats?

When moving to another country, making new friends is an important step to integration. A successful expat experience depends on successful social integration. However, making friends is difficult. Expats need to be curious, open and willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations. Joining groups with shared interests is a good strategy. Read more 

101 Ways to Enjoy Living Abroad: 20 Tips for Expats

Moving abroad is exciting, but settling into a new country can be challenging. Several things can help ease the transition. Know that business culture is not universal. Learn the local customs. Try to eat and drink like a local. Take advantage of different types of transport. Keep yourself entertained through various means. Read more 

5 Things That Job Seekers Consider Before Moving Abroad

Job seekers consider several factors when thinking about different places and countries to live. They include standard of living, cost of rent, average salaries, public transport and sunlight/weather. While these issues play an important role, the work itself is also a critical factor. Read more 

How Immigrants Boost the German Economy, Drive Start-Up Culture

Foreign workers are moving to Germany by the thousands. While the press around this topic may be negative, in actuality, Germany has come to rely on foreign workers and have them to thank for recent economic growth. Immigrants contribute €22 billion in taxes per year. The German economy requires immigration to exceed 400,000 people per year in order to maintain its strength. Read more 

More UK Students Want to Study Abroad – Many As Undergraduates

New research indicates the number of UK students interested in overseas study is rising. Many are interested in doing so at the undergraduate level. The number of students who studied abroad with the Erasmus program in 2013/2014 was up 6.8% from the previous year. Participation rates have risen by 115% since the program was launched in 2007. Read more 

Expats in Africa Earn Most, But Work World’s Longest Hours

A global survey indicates that Africa is home to the highest number of expats with salaries higher than $250,000 (£160,000). However, four out of 10 countries with the longest working hours are also in Africa. Foreigners didn’t seem to mind the extra work with more than half rating the hours and work-life balance positively. Read more 

Japan: Desire to Study Abroad Fuelled by Domestic Career Ambitions

New research out of Japan indicates that over two-thirds of undergraduate students in Japan have a desire to study abroad. However, the study indicated that a far lower number wanted to work abroad after graduation. Most had long-term career goals that involved working in Japan. Read more 




Switzerland: Office Protocol

The office environment in Switzerland is polite and serious. Hierarchy is important within Swiss businesses, and employees are expected to be respectful of their superiors. Any disagreements are privately handled. The importance of small talk varies by region with French and Italian Swiss engaging in pleasantries prior to business interactions. German Swiss prefer to begin business quickly. Read more

Brazil: Work Permits and Visas Overview

Foreign nationals wishing to enter Brazil for work, business or pleasure must obtain the proper authorization. Visa categories and application requirements are straightforward. However, visa processing times can be lengthy. Applicants should begin the process several weeks prior to planned departure. Read more

Being an Expat in Finland

With unemployment on the decrease and employers hiring across multiple job sectors, Finland is once again finding favor with expats, according to Mary Anne Thompson, President and Founder of GoinGlobal. Read more