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Excerpted from the Chile Career Guide

Chile's agribusiness industry is comprised mainly of agriculture, fishing, food processing and forestry. The Mediterranean climate zone in the Central Valley produces olive oil, wine, fruit and vegetables. According to the most recent government statistics, the food industry makes up 66 percent of Chile's agribusiness GDP, while wood production and the paper and printing industry comprise the remaining 34 percent. The main agricultural exports are salmon, trout, wine and fruit. The OECD declared Chile's agricultural sector as one of the most open in the world; Chile has 22 trade agreements with 59 countries.

Viticulture (wine)

According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, Chile has been the world's fifth-largest exporter of wine since 2003 and, two years ago, was the world's eighth-largest producer of wine.Over the past four years, Chile's wine production has increased by 20.5 percent. Its viticulture industry aims to double exports of bottled wines by 2020, representing an annual growth rate of 9 percent.Wine tourism-related activities are emerging in Chile as well, such as 'wine spas' and 'wine routes.'


Chile's greatest advantage as a fruit producer is its ability to furnish counter-season products to the northern hemisphere. Fruit farming accounts for 2 percent of Chile's GDP and 5 percent of total exports; in fact, more than 80 percent of fruit grown in Chile is exported.


Agronomists with three to seven years of experience can expect an average monthly salary ranging from 500,000 CLP to 1,250,000 CLP.

Agricultural engineers with six or more years of experience can expect a monthly average salary ranging from 400,000 to 600,000 CLP.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Agrupación de Agricultura Orgánica de Chile (AAOCH)
Organic Agriculture Association of Chile

http://aaoch.cl/ (Spanish)
The AAOCH is a private, non-profit organization comprised of institutions, companies and individuals who perform activities associated with organic agricultural food production, marketing, development, dissemination, training, research, sales of supplies and consulting services. It accepts both individuals and companies as members. There are five different membership levels. Members benefit from access to the intranet website and mailing list, access to a physical documentation center and meeting rooms at AAOCH’s office in Santiago, participation in seminars, national and international fairs, technical tours, and discounts on consulting and professional services. The website also hosts a directory of professionals and a database for advanced searches.

Agrupación de Agricultura Orgánica de Chile
0112 Santa Maria Ave J
Email: contacto@aaoch.cl

Asociación de Exportadores de Frutas de Chile (ASOEX)
Fruit Exporters of Chile Association
http://www.asoex.cl/ (Spanish)
ASOEX represents private exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables from Chile. Its mission is to facilitate exports of products that Chile offers to the world, to encourage, promote and defend trade in horticultural exports, open new markets and encourage the professional development of its members. It also disseminates technical information and delivers commercial and research support for the development of the sector. ASOEX is the entity responsible for the administration of international phytosanitary agreements. It publishes a number of industry journals, available on the website. The website also has an exporters’ directory, fruit export statistics and a virtual library.

La Asociación de Exportadores de Frutas de Chile
Cruz del Sur 133, 2º piso
Las Condes
Tel: +56-2 472 4700
Fax: +56-2 206 4163
Email: asoex@asoex.cl


Revista El Campesino
The Farmer Magazine
http://www.sna.cl/publicaciones/el-campesino/ (Spanish)
Published by the Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura (SNA), El Campesino is the SNA’s official magazine and the oldest institutional magazine in Latin America. El Campesino is published four times a year and distributed to SNA members and other agricultural professionals, and also to university agricultural faculty libraries. It is also possible to subscribe to the magazine by contacting SNA. Current and previous editions may be viewed on the website in PDF.

Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura
Revista El Campesino
Tenderini 187
Tel: +56 2 585 3300
Fax: +56 2 585 3370
Email: contact form on website or comunicaciones@sna.cl

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Chile Guide.

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