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Excerpted from the Chile Career Guide

With its varied topography and Easter Island, Chile is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. The National Tourism Service (Servicio Nacional de Turismo or Sernatur) aims to make tourism Chile's third-largest industry sector in terms of GDP by 2020.The government is focusing its efforts on developing the ecological and adventure tourism subsectors in the coming years, with a number of projects in the works. There is also an increase in wine tourism-related activities in Chile, such as 'wine spas' and 'wine routes.'

Areas of Job Promise

The Chilean government has a number of tourism development projects in the works, many involving ecological sites and nature reserves slated as eco-tourism destinations.

Occupations in Demand and Salaries

Only over the past decade has the tourism sector seen any significant ‘professionalization’ of its workers. Hotel and tourism management university graduates have the best prospects for employability, along with the highest salaries; with one year of experience, a worker can expect to earn 366,000 CLP monthly. Recent graduates with lower or technical diplomas can expect salaries in the range of 286,000 to 331,000 CLP monthly.

Certification and Education Requirements

There are more than 100 Centros de Formación Técnica (technical training institutes) offering two-year programs. Upon completion of these two-year programs, graduates obtain the title of Técnico de Nivel Superior and can enter the workforce immediately in technician-level positions such as secretarial work and accounting. Meanwhile, Institutos profesionales (professional institutes) offer four-year programs in other technical/professional fields, including tourism, for more senior positions. Universities confer professional titles and/or academic degrees - Licenciatura (bachelor’s), Magister (master’s) or Doctor. Only universities are authorized to offer Licenciaturas in professions such as hotel and tourism or business management.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Asociación Chilena de Empresas de Turismo (ACHET)
Chilean Association of Tourism Businesses
http://www.achet.cl/ (Spanish)
A member of FEDETUR, the Federation of Tourism Enterprises of Chile (ACHET) is Latin America’s second-oldest tourism trade association. ACHET represents the travel and tourism private sector to government authorities, employers, unions and consumer-related agencies. It claims to represent 90 percent of the tourism marketing chain in Chile. The website provides industry statistics, reports, and a list of ongoing and finished projects. ACHET also holds an annual congress and the VYVA Tourism Fair.

Asociacion Chilena de Empresas de Turismo
Avenida Providencia 2019 - Of. 42B
Tel: +56 2 439 9100
Fax: +56 2 439 9118
Email: achet@achet.cl


Canal Horeca
http://www.canalhoreca.cl/ (Spanish)
Canal Horeca is one of the official magazines of Hoteleros de Chile and Achiga. This magazine addresses Chilean food industry professionals, including those working in hotels, restaurants, caterers, fast food, bakeries, pastry shops, cafes, pubs, casinos, supermarkets and corner deli hypermarkets. It is distributed free of charge to association members and is published nine times per year.

Canal Horeca
2594 Providencia - oficina 418
Tel: +56 2 232 0830 or +56 9 487 2277
Email: contacto@canalhoreca.cl

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Chile Guide.

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