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Excerpted from the Chile Career Guide

Engineers in Chile should have no problem finding employment in the construction and mining industries. The construction sector grew by 8 percent last year and is experiencing a skilled labor shortage due to the construction of the Costanero Center in Santiago and infrastructure repairs following the 2010 earthquake.

Areas of Job Promise

Engineering firms in Santiago will face a shortfall of around 15,000 engineers over the next five years and will likely seek to outsource positions.

The government will be accepting bids on a large number of infrastructure projects (road works, commercial real estate developments, and hospital, airport, port, rail and subway expansions) over the next two years. Chile also plans to expand its concessions program to roads outside of Santiago, which would be maintained by private companies for a contractually-specified period. Jobseekers are advised to monitor industry developments, as all of these proposed projects will surely create numerous jobs.


According to a study by the Association of Engineering Consulting Companies of Chile, civil engineering is the best-paid occupation in Chile, and also has the best overall career outlook. Civil engineers earn 1,330,000 to 3,120,000 CLP monthly.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Asociacion de Empresas Consultoras de Ingenieria de Chile
The Association of Consulting Engineers of Chile (AIC)
http://www.aic.cl/ (Spanish and English)
The Association of Consulting Engineers of Chile, AIC, was established in 1968 by seven Chilean engineers. This association represents engineering, technology and management consulting firms in Chile, providing business, legal, tax, organizational and occupational assistance. The AIC produces a monthly magazine, AIC Informa, and a salary survey that is made available to members.

Asociacion de Empresas Consultoras de Ingenieria de Chile
Miguel Claro 119 Piso 2
Providencia, Santiago
Tel: +56 2 264 0658
Fax: +56 2 264 3352
Email: aic@aic.cl

Sociedad Nacional de Minería (SONAMI)
National Mining Society
http://www.sonami.cl/ (Spanish)
SONAMI is a trade organization that represents large-, medium- and small-scale non-metallic and metallic mining companies. It helps develop mining legislation, as well as train professionals in this sector. The website offers publications, an events agenda, a virtual library, industry statistics, metals prices and a mining glossary.

Avenida Apoquindo 3000, piso 5
Las Condes
Tel: +562 8207000
Fax: +562 8207053
Email: contact form on website


http://www.scielo.cl/scielo.php?script=sci_serial&pid=0718-3305&lng=es&nrm=iso (Spanish)
This quarterly engineering magazine from the University of Tarapacá publishes original, previously unpublished studies of academics and professionals from public and private entities, Chilean or foreign, who want to share their experiences on engineering science, technology, teaching engineering and related disciplines. Specialties covered include electronic, electric, computer, mechanical, industrial, acoustic and mining engineering.

Universidad de Tarapacá
18 de septiembre # 2222
Casilla 6-D
Código Postal Arica 1000000
Fax: +56 58 205650
Email: ingeniare@uta.cl

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Chile Guide.

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