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Excerpted from the Chile Career Guide

Chile's telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid change and modernization. Telecom now represents about 3 percent of the country’s GDP and companies such as Delta Air Lines, Air France, BBVA, General Electric, and McAfee have established call and software development centers in Chile. Internet users number 11 million (out of 17 million residents) and broadband access has tripled. Last year the sector received more than 2.4 billion USD in investment, the highest amount in the past 15 years. The government is also installing Wi-Fi in public places such as plazas, libraries and metro stations.


Areas of Job Promise

E-commerce is firmly established in Chile's economy, and experts predict it will continue to grow in the coming years. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit named Chile Latin America's most 'e-ready' market in its latest Digital Economy Rankings.


Depending upon the number of years of experience, computer/IT engineers holding a university degree can expect to earn about 791,000 to 1,246,000 CLP monthly, while networking and support technicians can expect about 424,000 to 663,000 CLP monthly.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Asociación Chilena de Distribuidores de Software (ADS)
Chilean Association of Software Distributors
http://www.ads.cl/ (Spanish)
The ADS is a non-profit trade association working to protect and develop digital intellectual property in Chile. It encourages proper licensing through marketing campaigns, seminars and outreach, and law reforms. ADS members include the largest software companies in the world, including Autodesk and Microsoft, but it also brings together small, local companies. Jobseekers can find information about the software industry in Chile on the website.

La Concepción 65 oficina 901
Providencia Santiago
Tel: +56 2 946 2773 or +56 2 946 2774
Fax: +56 2 244 4191
Email: informaciones@ads.cl


http://www.informatica.cl/ (Spanish)
Informática is a technology and management magazine published six times a year. It provides industry and market news, opinions and information on the latest trends.

Revista Informática
Holding Interplanet Group
Serrano 63 Oficina 55
Código Postal 8330128
Tel: +56 2 632 2181
Email: revista@informatica.cl

Other Resources

Mi Futuro
My Future
http://www.mifuturo.cl/ (Spanish)
Mi Futuro is a project of the Ministerio de Educación (Ministry of Education) to help jobseekers and students in particular obtain information on programs of study in Chile, from bachelor’s to graduate levels. It also provides information on how to choose a career, career statistics, scholarships and news. The databases allow the user to search information by region, career, knowledge field or institution.

Ministerio de Educación
Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins
1371 Santiago
Tel: +56 2 4066000

This is just a short sample of what you’ll find in over 100 pages of information in the Chile Guide.

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