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Excerpted from the Denmark Career Guide

The financial sector employs more than 85,000 workers, with nearly half in the banking sector. In the Copenhagen capital region, financial services accounts for a major section of private sector employment.The Danish banking sector comprises commercial banks, savings banks, cooperative savings banks and the Danish branches of international banks.

Employment Outlook

Danish banks are currently in rough waters due to low national economic growth and new regulations, resulting in low returns. Also, the European Commission (EC) found Denmark is second only to Ireland in state bailouts – a measure not sanctioned by the EU. The Danish government has bailed out banks to the tune of 4,500 billion DKK since 2008, an amount more than 2.5 times its GDP.

Areas of Job Promise

Despite the bleak outlook, it is unlikely specialists working at any of the large banks, especially those with international experience, would be given pink slips.

Organizations and Trade Associations

Danish Securities Dealers Association

(Danish, English)
Børsmæglerforeningen, the Danish Securities Dealers Association, is the trade organization for members of a regulated market and other companies with activities related to the Danish securities market. Its members are commercial and savings banks and securities and brokerage companies trading on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

PO Box 1003
Amaliegade 7
DK-1256 København K

Tel: +45 3332 7411
Fax: +45 3332 9411
Email: mail@dbmf.dk

Trade Unions

Financial Services Union

(Danish, English)

Finansforbundet, the Financial Services Union, is a trade union for people working in the finance and insurance sectors. It has approximately 54,600 members. The trade union has its own online job database containing the job advertisements that appear in the trade union’s magazine, Finans, plus other jobs vacancies that have been entered directly into the database. It can be found at http://www.finansjob.dk.

Applebys Plads 5
Postboks 19601411
København K
Tel: +45 32964600
Fax: +45 32961225
Email: post@finansforbundet.dk


Dagbladet Børsen
(Danish, English)
Dagbladet Børsen is the major daily Danish-language business and finance newspaper covering economic and business development news in Denmark. It also carries executive-level job advertisements. 

Dagbladet Børsen
Møntergade 19
DK-1019 København
Tel: +45 33324400 / +45 33320102
Fax: +45 33115906 / +45 33122445
Email: abonnement@borsen.dk

This is just a short sample of what you'll find in over 100 pages of the complete Denmark guide.

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