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Excerpted from the Denmark Career Guide

It is important to network and make new contacts when coming to a new country. Danes are considered to be easy to talk to, friendly and open-minded. In Denmark good contacts matter, as they provide referrals, advice, tips in business and new appointments. Through network connections you will be introduced to other people and their networks. As your network grows, the diversity of those you know increases as well, and it will give you a good chance to get to know people and their society.

Business Organizations

Foreningen for Kvindelige Virksomhedsejere
Danish Association of Women Business Owners

http://www.kv.dk/ (Danish)
This is a national association for women who either wholly or partly own businesses. It hosts three annual events for all KV members, combining business presentations, cultural experiences and networking. KV also organizes activities about every six weeks, such as company visits, seminars and courses. The site provides information on activities and access to a list of members, including contact information.

Tel: +45 7026 1102
Email: kv@kv.dk

Professional Associations

Information Technology

Danish IT Society

http://dit.dk/ (Danish)
DANSK IT is Denmark’s largest IT professional association. DANSK IT, formerly known by the name Dansk Dataforeningen, offers its members training programs, conferences and a newsletter.

Tel: +45 3311 1560
Fax: +45 3393 1580
Email: dit@dit.dk


Ingeniørforeningen i Denmark (IDA)
Danish Society of Engineers

http://www.ida.dk/ (Danish, English)
IDA, the Danish Society of Engineers, represents the professional and work-related interests of Danish engineers, and is an excellent source of information on engineering jobs in Denmark. It protects the professional interests of its members in connection with education, training, employment and working conditions, research and equal rights. It exerts significant influence on Danish technological, industrial and labor market policies. Members have access to a range of services, such as salary statistics, career planning, training and discounts on a range of products and services.

Tel: +45 3318 4848
Fax: +45 3318 4899
Email: ida@ida.dk

Accounting and Finance

Den Danske Finansanalytikerforening & CPA
Denmark Danish Society of Financial Analysts

http://www.cfa.dk/ (Danish, English)
Den Danske Finansanalytikerforening acts as a professional forum. Through its sister organization, CPA Denmark, it is affiliated with the international CFA Institute. Its objectives are to establish educational standards, to instruct and train members and the general public, and to develop, promulgate and maintain a code of ethics and standards of professional conduct.

Tel: +45 3332 4275
Email: ddf@finansanalytiker.dk

Business Management and Marketing

Lederne Hovedorganisation
Danish Federation of Managers and Executives

http://www.lederne.dk/ (Danish, English)
Lederne Hovedorganisation is an association of more than 110,000 managers at all levels and from all industry sectors. Services include counseling related to pay and employment terms, legal aid, professional training, unemployment insurance and a monthly magazine, Lederne (The Executive). The website has a career advice center with salary statistics, a training course database and a link to an online jobs database for managers.

Tel: +45 3283 3283
Email: lh@lederne.dk

Industry Organizations and Councils

Confederation of Danish Industries
http://di.dk/ (English, Danish)
The DI offers a range of services, including networking opportunities for managers, and counseling and consulting services. It looks after the business interests of its members through national and international lobbying, and represents its member companies with the trade unions. It publishes the weekly Dansk Industrie, which covers the industrial sector, including production and manufacturing resources, trade matters, general financial and company news, and industrial management. Several publications covering Danish industry are available.

Tel: +45 3377 3377
Fax: +45 3377 3300
Email: di@di.dk

Union and Labor Organizations

Landsorganisationen i Danmark (LO)
Danish Confederation of Trade Unions
http://www.lo.dk/ (Danish, English)
The LO is the largest national trade union confederation in Denmark, and represents workers both in the public and private sectors. Its main objective is to look after employees’ interests by working with their employers and the authorities. The LO is politically active on issues concerning tax, social and financial policies. It is internationally active, particularly in the European Union and in the International Labour Organization (ILO). The LO is a member of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFU), the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the Nordic Council of Trade Unions (NFS). Publications covering the Danish labor market are available from the LO.

Tel: +45 35 24 60 00  
Fax: +45 35 24 63 00  
Email: lo@lo.dk

Networking Groups

Toastmasters Denmark
http://www.toastmasters.dk/ (Danish, English)
Toastmasters is a worldwide non-profit organization that provides a safe and mutually obligating environment at which members can improve their public-speaking and leadership abilities. There are Toastmasters clubs in several cities in Denmark, and more groups are being created on a fairly regular basis. At meetings, participants learn how to run an agenda, how to give and accept feedback, and how to partake in committees and club boards. Many club members are expats; for this reason, some clubs meet only in English and other clubs alternate between English and Danish. The main website gives contact and meeting information for all clubs. There are three clubs in Copenhagen.

Chambers of Commerce

Danske Erhverv
Danish Chamber of Commerce

http://www.danskerhverv.dk/ (Danish, English)
The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for trade, IT, industry and service in Denmark. The chamber of commerce is an independent, private business association financed by its member companies. It represents 17,000 Danish companies and 100 trade associations within trade, tourism, business services, IT, welfare services and transportation. It provides a framework for members to meet and exert political influence. At the same time, the chamber offers a wide range of relevant services for modern companies.

Dansk Erhverv
1217 København K.
Tel: +45 3374 6000
Fax: +45 3374 6080
Email: info@danskerhverv.dk

This is just a sample of what you'll find in over 100 pages of information in the complete Denmark guide.

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